Justin Roberts Talks Being Bullied In WWE

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts opened up about his time being bullied in WWE.

Roberts was interviewed by David Penzer to talk about his experiences being bullied as a WWE employee. Roberts revealed the company is not great place for new employees, especially newcomers in Roberts' shoes.  

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"I was 22 years old wanted nothing more than to work there. I was happy, proud and excited to be there, but when I got there, i realized it's not a friendly place for newcomers, especially young announcers who can't bump. There were people there who wanted to make my life hell and they did," Roberts said. 

When asked about a time during a tour in which Roberts got grilled for where he sat on a WWE bus, Roberts said he tried everything to make peace with the wrestlers, but admitted nothing really worked. The former ring announcer said he probably would have gotten a thumbs up from upper management had he stood up for himself amidst the bullying.

"I tried everything to have it end and be done with getting messed with. I went along with everything. If I knew then, what I know about the company now, if Vince McMahon would have loved it if I stood up to them and told them whatever. But when you're 22 years old and worked your butt off to get there and didn't want to do anything to upset anyone there, I realized that the higher-ups would have loved it if I stood up to them. I thought if I stood up to them, I would get fired. There was no way out for me. I feel like I tried everything, but nothing worked," Roberts said.

Fightful's Brandon Howard wrote about WWE and its association with bullying that can be read at this link. The interview can be heard in the video above. 

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