Keith Lee Discusses Wearing 'Black Lives Matter' Gear At NXT TakeOver: In Your House

Keith Lee discusses what Black Lives Matter means to him.

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, many protests have been held with one common message “Black Lives Matter.”

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At NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Keith Lee wore gear with “Black Lives Matter” printed on it. Now, in a new YouTube video on the WWE Performance Center YouTube channel, he is explaining what that meant to him and what he wants to see continuing to further the progression of society.

“It's a difficult subject because some people misunderstand. Some people think that they know some people. But as a person who has been profiled, as a person who has been stopped for simply walking or simply jogging or simply existing. To me, it's something that some would call it political. But to me, it's right vs. wrong and that's what's most important. So when I wear that, it's about equality. It's not just, 'Black Lives Matter,' that's what people think that's what that is.

“That's the beginning because of the percentage of destruction that we experience and the profiling and the fact that for me to exist, I have to find a way to be as non-threatening as possible.” 

He continued, “You brought up the New Day, and it's something that Xavier [Woods] brought up specifically said that he was taught ways to make himself 'less threatening.' Now, imagine a man that's black, but also extremely large. Think about the different ways that other people see that. If I walk into an establishment, everyone turns, everyone looks terrified because they don't know what I'm about. But they're taught one thing as opposed to who I am and everyone gets to know me, 'You're nothing like I would expect.' Why? Why do you have an expectation that is anything but this? Learn me as I have learned me as a human being as opposed to what you think I would be.”

Lee concludes by commending the people who are peacefully protesting and telling them to continue reaching for the right things in order to create change.

“That's really what that statement is about and then maybe we can escape all this ridiculous violence, the excess people that are past the protesting and doing their rioting and looting. None of that stuff helps. But, the people that are aiming to do right, please continue, because we only will reach change if we continue to reach for the right things.”

Keith Lee would defeat Johnny Gargano that evening and continue to reach new heights as NXT North American Champion.

To gain more perspective on the current social climate, you can check out Xavier Woods’ remarks on his experiences with racism at this link.

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