Keith Lee On Going To The Main Roster: I Try To Think Of The Ways I Can Facilitate More Competition

Keith Lee has just reached the summit in NXT, but he always maintains an eye on the future.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Keith Lee opened up about the possibility of him getting called to the main roster before he could even have the moment at NXT Great American Bash Night 2 where he dethroned Adam Cole to capture the NXT Championship.

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Credit to Graham Mirmina for passing along the following quotes. 

“It's hard to tell what's going to happen because you can't just predict the future. My thought process, my belief, is to try to be as ready as I can for whatever circumstance occurs,” Lee began. “In this instance, I just so happened to keep myself ready for a 25-minute brawl, knockdown, drag-out main event battle with Adam Cole and come out victorious.”

Continuing on, Keith would say that while he is somebody who likes to live in the present, he considers himself to be strategic and is always looking to facilitate more competition for the future. 

"I very much believe in making the most of my present, but I'm also a very strategic human being. For me, it isn't just about my present. I'm also looking into the future and try to think of the ways I can facilitate more competition and try to capitalize on my own wins and my own accolades and make everything mean as much as it possibly can, because when you make what you do mean something, those moments mean so much more. I didn't create it, but somebody else started calling me a moment-maker and I just ran with it. I think my duty is to continue making those moments in whatever capacity that's going to be and I'm hopeful that continues to be in high-caliber matches because that's what I love."

Recently, Keith spoke about wanting to be a great representation for the African-American community. You can read his comment at this link.

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