Ken Shamrock Finds The Fountain Of Youth In His Latest IMPACT Wrestling Run

Ken Shamrock is a huge force in the world of combat sports, having been an early pioneer in the world of MMA and a successful figure in the world of pro wrestling.

At IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory, not only will Ken Shamrock go one-on-one with Eddie Edwards, but he will be inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame.

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Speaking with TV Insider, Shamrock discussed finding the Fountain of Youth during his most recent run with IMPACT Wrestling.

“It’s fun to see where I am now and look back to where I was a year or year-and-a-half ago,” said Shamrock. “I basically have been out of wrestling and MMA. I took a year off. Then I had to see if I could still be in the ring. I went to Battle Championship Wrestling in Australia and did things I didn’t think I could do. I did some BioXcellerator in Colombia. My body has responded well to that treatment. Being out of any competitive sport and coming back and feeling great, it’s almost like I’ve been given the fountain of youth all over again.”

He continued, “I’ve been able to do things I actually haven’t done before. Now I’m diving over the top rope and doing these showstoppers. To see my body respond after the layoff and the stem cell I got from BioXcellerator—it all came together, and I felt great. That’s where I’m at today. People are watching me saying, “How can he do that?” I’m fortunate the treatments have worked well for me. I’m excited to be part of IMPACT with the Bound For Glory coming up and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. You couldn’t ask for anything better. “

Speaking about the current vibe IMPACT locker room, Ken Shamrock discussed the effect of the #SpeakingOut movement on the locker room and also compared the current locker room to the WWF locker room back in the 90s when he was working with the promotion.

“Since I came in, they were just starting to make those moves and bringing in different people. There were some people who had their past catch up with them. They were forced to get rid of some talent,” said Ken. “You wonder if you’re going downward because you lost some talent, but IMPACT to me has improved the roster by going out and finding all this talent out there to come in and fill those spots. It’s exciting to see where it is right now. When I got there, it’s fun to watch how fast IMPACT was growing, how hard people are working. The dedication that is going on behind the scenes and in the ring. When you’re part of a group where everyone wants to succeed, but you are not trying to step on each other’s toes and [instead] work together to get there, it’s a great environment.

“I was part of that at one time in WWF when they lost all this talent to WCW. They were having those wars and losing them. Then to see everyone bond together and do the job and work together with a common goal to put on the best performance... There then was some big-time star power, but it took time to get there. You see guys like Bret Hart and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin become mega stars and The Rock and The Undertaker. There is a common goal to be successful at IMPACT but not try to push everybody down. Put on a great show with whoever you’re working with and bring the best out of them.”

Fightful will have live coverage of Bound For Glory, beginning tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern.

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