Ken Shamrock Says He Will Never Announce His Retirement From Combat Sports, And Speaks On If He Prefers MMA Or Wrestling

Ken Shamrock speaks on a plethora of topics.

The individual who was once known as "The World's Most Dangerous Man" has seemingly dipped his hands into all forms of combat sports. Ken Shamrock is a UFC Hall Of Famer and with that he is also the only individual in UFC history to defend the UFC Superfight Championship. Shamrock is in the Mixed Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, he is a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, a former WWE King Of The Ring winner and former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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Shamrock has found success in the land of pro-fighting and sports entertainment and during an interview with 'The Whig' Shamrock stated that he never had a preference about which sport he enjoyed more because both were a challenge for him to simply be the best.

“I never had a preference,” he said. "It was always about a challenge; challenging yourself at being successful, at being one of the best.”

Shamrock has a 28-17-2 pro-fight record with the last three of those resulting in losses. He has not competed in the octagon since 2016 and at 54-years old Shamrock did not rule out making a return stating that he will never announce his retirement because he feels that retirement is a symbol that one is giving up.

“I’m never going to announce my retirement,” he said. “When you step in and you announce your retirement, it’s like you’re giving up, you’re quitting, and I don’t ever want to have to say that.”

During Ken Shamrock's time with WWE he always approached the ring with a grim look on his face and he went on to explain that his attitude whether it was in MMA or professional wrestling, he went in to his bout with the mindset that he was the best and was going to emerge victorious.

"Every time I walked in the ring, I knew I was going to win,” he said. “I knew there was no way anyone was going to stop me. Destruction and satisfaction is what I felt in there.”


The UFC Hall Of Famer is now touring the U.S. and Canada speaking about his life and career to those who are interested in hearing his story. During the interview with 'The Whig' he also shared that he wants people to know Ken Shamrock the person seeing as how everyone knows Ken Shamrock the fighter. Shamrock will be doing a live show in Canada this upcoming Friday and tickets for that can be purchased by clicking here.


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