Kenny Dykstra Reflects On Some Of His Memories With The 'Spirit Squad', Reveals The Talk He And The Group Had With Vince McMahon, More

Kenny Dykstra reveals some interesting information about the birth of the 'Spirit Squad'.

Former WWE World Tag Team Champion, Kenny Dykstra, was recently interviewed by ESPN and during the interview, Dykstra would reminisce about his days with the 'Spirit Squad'. He would also go over the return he had towards the later end of 2016 on SmackDown Live, and would also reveal what he is currently venturing into in his pro wrestling career.

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Dykstra has always been a fearless individual, as he has told the story on different occasions about him walking into WWE headquarters at 13-years old looking to pursue his dream. Another story that relates back to that is when Dykstra approached legendary wrestling trainer, Killer Kowalksi, in hopes of earning a training session.

"When I got there, Kowalski said, 'Come back in five years when you're 18 kid. Get out of here,' and I was like, 'Mr. Kowalski, you don't understand. If you teach me now, when I'm 18, I'll have five years of experience and then WWE might be interested.' I remember he just looked at me like, 'That's an interesting thought.'"

Fast forward to Kenny Dykstra's stint in Ohio Valley Wrestling, he would soon be called to Cincinnati along with five other men to have a meeting with Vince McMahon. Of course, this was leading to the birth of the 'Spirit Squad', which lead to Dykstra telling the story about what McMahon presented to Kenny, Mikey, Johnny, Mitch & Nicky.

"[McMahon] turned and said, 'Guys, this is my idea. It's gonna work because I'm telling you it will work'. He said, 'I want cheerleaders, male cheerleaders. There's nothing that gets more heat than male cheerleaders.' I kinda looked at the other guys out of the corner of my eye like: 'Is this a joke? This is a good joke. You guys went all the way out to get Vince in on this?'"

Another interesting story would come in the form of the group marching into Vince McMahon's office with the 'Spirit Squad' gimmick in full force, trying to get themselves featured on WWE primetime television.

"I remember he kind of chuckled and was like, 'Are you serious?'" Dykstra said. "And we're like, 'Yeah' and I think he said something like: 'Well, either it will work or you'll be fired.' Vince just looked up, smiled and said, 'You're gonna be on RAW next week.'"

Kenny Dykstra, real name Kenneth George Doane Jr., along with the Spirit Squad, would have feuds with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

For the greater part of 2006, the group would seemingly get the upper hand over D-Generation X, with the power-hungry on- screen character of Vince McMahon despising both Michaels and Triple H. Kenny Dykstra will never forget those moments, as he was still a fan, being able to work with those who he looked up to.

"It was amazing. I remember we would always joke around when we first started working [with DX]. 'I wanna take the superkick, let me take the superkick.' Secretly we're all fans. Of course we're going to be fans of Shawn Michaels and Triple H, so we'd trade off. It was fun. Just learning so much in there; how to slow down, how to tell a story and also too, what I learned a lot from Shawn and Hunter was how to work a main event."

Eight years after being released from his WWE contract in 2008, Kenny Dykstra would receive a phone call, which would lead to his return to WWE television; being a part of The Miz and Dolph Ziggler's I.C. Championship feud.

"I got home and the phone rang and it was Mark Carrano from WWE,'" Doane recalled. "I was like, 'Man, that must be a butt dial. I haven't heard from the WWE in eight years, why are they calling me?'"

Dykstra would continue to elaborate on his return to WWE in 2016. He would also discuss what he has been doing on the pro wrestling scene, since his most recent stint in the WWE. His interview with ESPN can be further looked into by clicking here. Our very own Sean Ross Sapp, had the opportunity to speak with Kenny Dykstra in great length. Head over to the main page of the site and take a listen to some of the stories Dykstra had in his bag.

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