Kenny Omega Defends Comedic Wrestling And Blasts Jim Cornette

Kenny Omega thinks Comedy has a rightful place in Wrestling but Jim Cornette does not. 

Omega has been among wrestling headlines lately because of his match at Wrestle Kingdom 11 and the rumors of him debuting at WWE Royal Rumble. During that time, the criticism of his less serious matches resurfaced. Omega addressed his comedy matches including one against a child during a Q & A for 4Front Wrestling. He compared the matches to action-comedy hit Rush Hour, saying a wider audience find less serious matches more appealing. He believes matches with a story draw in more eyeballs than physical five-star matches. 

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"If I ever wanted to show a match to my parents, my uncle, my aunt, my great grandma, I would probably show them that. I wouldn't show them me getting launched through a table like 20 feet in the air. There is no way they would like that. It's just something I think that would be universally fun for everyone. Because at the end of the day, people do like watching epic encounters, however I think people, more than that, like to laugh. That's always the most important thing," said Omega. 

A strong critic of Omega has always been Jim Cornette, who has claimed Omega is ruining wrestling with comedic over-the-top matches. Omega explained why he thinks Cornette has a problem with him. 

"This is one of the things that upsets me about Cornette: is that I know he doesn't sincerely feel the way that he says about me because, let's face it, I'm just an easy target right now. I am not signed to a contract with WWE, so he can bury all he wants and he knows he's going to get attention for it, because no one otherwise cares about him. That's the sad truth," said Omega " and those type of people I can't respect whatsoever. No one on this planet should do that. You should never bury someone to forward your own personal interest and I would never do that to anyone else on the planet. So for a guy like Jim Cornette, what he says doesn't bother me, but the type of person he is bothers me. And I don't respect him. I can comfortably say that I very much dislike a person like Jim Cornette. So the day that he disappears from this business permanently, I think will be a happy day for professional wrestling," Omega would later add.

Rumors of Omega in WWE started after he said he wanted a break from Japan but recently has confirmed he will stay in New Japan Pro Wrestling

The rest of the questions he answered can be found on 4FrontWrestling's youtube.

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