Kevin Nash On Vince McMahon Return Rumors: I Enjoy The Stock Price Going Up, Leave It The F*ck Alone

Kevin Nash talks the Vince McMahon return rumors.

After nearly five months away from WWE, Vince McMahon's name returned to the news cycle on December 13 after a report surfaced noting that McMahon wanted to make a comeback to the company.

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On the latest episode of Kliq This, Nash gave his blunt thoughts on the matter, noting that he wants the stock price to keep rising.

“I mean I know he has voting rights, but speaking personally from my life, I enjoyed the stock price going up…like, leave it the f*ck alone. When he quit, the stock analysts said it would probably top somewhere around 100, so they still got some growth, you know?"

WWE's stock price has gradually climbed since McMahon departure back in July.

Following McMahon's departure, Triple H took charge over multiple departments in the company, including creative. Nash went on and gave his take on the current creative product.

“I’d like it more…I think it takes a while to…there’s just so much talent that I just…because I don’t watch eight hours of it a week. You know, I just don’t have time to, so I miss a lot of NXT. I used to watch NXT all the time and I don’t watch as much NXT as I used to and I’ve never been a SmackDown guy because it wasn’t really something that was around when I was there. I bet you I was maybe on SmackDown 30 times in my career. I was always a Raw guy, so Raw, that’s my cup of tea. If I'm gonna watch something, I'm gonna watch Raw. I just don’t, like with The Usos and Roman having all the belts, it’s like… I don’t know. It’s hard. I mean it definitely makes them a dynasty you know, and I think Roman’s done a really good [job]. He got a push [back in the day] and he kind of got Diesel’d and it kind of fu*ked his push, but he’s solid now and I enjoy watching him. I enjoy his promos and I think adding [Sami] Zayn to that group was genius. I’ve always liked him. I didn’t get Kevin Owens for the longest time, I just didn’t get it. It was just like one day I was watching and I was like ‘Wow, he’s a fearless motherfu*ker.’ He’s got good psychology, he cuts good promos, he’s believable, I dig him.”

Since the report came out, many names in the world of wrestling have shared their thoughts on the potential of McMahon returning to WWE, including Saraya.

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