Here's your fight-size update for the morning of September 15, 2020:

- Kevin Owens savors his victory over Aleister Black, and a post-match banana, in the video at the top of the page.

- Lance Storm and Bret Hart will be making appearances doing voice work for the animated series Corner Gas, whose new season starts on October 12.

- WWE stock opened at $41.41 per share when the stock market opened this morning.

- Matthew Justice will face Joshua Bishop for the AIW Title in a No Rope Barbed Wired Match on October 9.

- A GoFundMe to help out Larry Csonka's daughters has been set up and you can donate to it at this link.

- A GoFundMe for “The Headliner” Chris Michaels, who recently had to undergo reconstructive surgery on both his shoulder and biceps, can be seen here.

- Blake Christian vs. Starboy Charlie has been added to Jimmy Lloyd's D-Generation F event on October 9.

- WrestlePro announced that TJ Crawford, Brad Hollister, Lance Anoa'i, Nick Stapp and Max Caster have been announced as participants in the Dream Sixteen tournament.

- Cassandro vs. Sonny Kiss has been added to Effy's Big Gay Brunch.

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