Kevin Owens Thanks WWE's Stage Crew For Continuing To Help Create The Atmosphere Of WWE Events

Sometimes, you have to thank the unsung heroes.

WWE is a massive production with many employees that extend far beyond the in-ring athletes and backstage Personnel that put together the creative of what we see multiple times a week from the professional wrestling juggernaut.

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Kevin Owens, who has been with the WWE since 2014, took some time to thank some of the additional backstage Personnel that helped put together the larger-than-life aesthetic of what we see in WWE. Kevin Owens said that he felt compelled to make the Twitter video thanking these individuals when he was sitting inside of his pod at the WWE Elimination Chamber event and realized the massive undertaking that must go into making the magic happen on such a regular basis.

“Elimination Chamber didn't work out the way I wanted it to. To be honest, nothing the last couple of months has worked out the way I wish it would have, but I'm not here to talk about that right now. I'm here because on Sunday, I was in my pod during the Chamber match and I was waiting to join the match. I started looking around at the chamber itself and I started thinking about how massive of an undertaking it must be to build that thing, and to put it together and to even get it in the building, and the logistics behind it and all the insane work that must go into getting that done.

Then, I started thinking beyond that and looking at the ThunderDome and all the screens and the lighting rig. Then, I started to think about how there are people out there that work behind the scenes at WWE that work so incredibly hard how to make all of this happened several times a week because we produce a lot of television on the weekly basis and you know so that we can go out there and perform and entertain every and we get the credit people behind the scenes, they really don't get enough so this video is for everyone from the production crew, to the camera people, the stage manager, the catering crew, the guys in the truck and girls in the truck, just anybody that works behind the scenes of WWE. I wish I could name you all but I can't because this video would be an hour-long if I did, but if you work behind the scenes of WWE, I hope you see this because this is about you. I think I speak for every single WWE Superstar when I say thank you. We appreciate what you do and you know we wouldn't be here without you guys. So, once again, thank you.”

As Kevin Owens stated at the beginning of the video, WWE Elimination Chamber did not work out for him and with Roman Reigns moving on to face at WrestleMania, it appears that his rivalry with Kevin Owens is finished for the foreseeable future with Kevin Owens needing to find a new path on The Road to WrestleMania.

Fightful will have live coverage of every Friday Night SmackDow on The Road to WrestleMania as Kevin Owens looks for his new path.

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