Kevin Sullivan: Dalton Castle Is A Once In A Generation Talent

Former WCW booker and legendary wrestler "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan spoke to Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio for a recent interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link

His praise of Dalton Castle:
"That Dalton Castle, he's once in a generation. He's today's Gorgeous George and I haven't seen anything, Gorgeous George was before my time, I've never seen anybody portray how he portrays it and is over. Do you think they should do vingettes on this guy? (laughs) Lets go and see how he trains because this kid is an unusual kid, I'm sure he'd come up with some unisual things that will make you say, "Oh! I like that!" instead of him going out and having a match. It's the same... Wrestling, now, everybody is doing everything. It is a video game. Maybe we need to have these characters develop and honed so when he walks through, you say, "Oh, I can't wait to hear him talk like a Dusty Rhodes used to do... Or a Steve Austin used to do or the nWo used to do." I don't know why wrestling has gotten away from letting people get over by doing interviews and giving them some substance to where you say, "I like this guy" or "I don't like this guy, he's an arrogant asshole." That's my take on it."

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If he expects to ever be in the WWE Hall of Fame:
"No, I never worked for Vince McMahon Jr. There's a guy that got inducted in their Hall of Fame there a few years ago who was actually let go from there (WWE) and was in WCW. He did an angle, he never got over. And, they put him in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame should be for guys who worked for Vince for a long time and drew money."

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