Killer Kross Has No Idea If Season 5 Of Lucha Underground Will Happen

Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter recently spoke to Killer Kross for an interview. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

Being the White Rabbit in Lucha Underground: 
"It was a blast and I was sold very quickly on it because Paul London and Chris DeJoseph called me about it. I think, literally, I was on a plane within 7 hours to start filming that. I was able to pull off a variety of different things for a variety of different characters. Many different ideas were considered and they were hitting a wall with this one. They ran it by me and said they wanted me to put my two cents in on it and they wanted me to make it mine. I wanted to contribute to the product with anything I could. Would I have liked to have contributed more and did I think I was going to be contributing more? Yes! But, due to things we don't have time to discuss, it turned out like this. But, I'm happy! I'm really happy with how it turned out. And, I'm happy people enjoyed it. That is why I do this so if that happened, that is a touchdown!" 

On the possibility of a Lucha Underground Season 5: 
"I wish I could be the guy to provide everybody with some closure on that but I have absolutely no idea. For real, I have no idea!" 

On the origins of his crazy Killer Kross persona: 
"Well, at the risk of sounding legitimately insane... I have a lot of influences from novels, from comics, from films, from wrestling... I really just try to let these things breathe through where this Killer Kross is from. I have a whole context in my mind of where he would be at any time, what he would be doing, what he would be thinking, how he would be handling different situations because if you do that like an actor would in a series where you develop that character for 8 months, you can take that character anywhere and it will come off with absolute sincerity. You can see the same wrestling moves over and over again - There is a redundancy of wrestling moves. But, what you're not going to see that is not redundant is execution of sincerity and character presentation. I realized that right off the bat with this. I said everyone has already seen powerbombs and suplexes and yeah, I'm going to do them. I know what people want to see in wrestling and I'm going to give it to them. However, what can I show them that is going to be really unique? I just played with different character presentations and combined a lot of things that I knew well and felt I could pull off sincerely and believably. And, some of it comes from social media. I can't even tell you how often people come up to me and mention something I did a month ago, 6 months ago, a year ago, 3 years ago that stuck with them and it was a moment. The devil is in the details. I'm all about that. I never, ever throw works to the wind. If you enjoy watching things for details, that will always be in my work." 

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