King Corbin has made a royal decree. If you don't want to be at the top of the mountain in WWE, don't bother showing up.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell, Corbin vented some frustrations he has with the work ethic of other WWE superstars.

"If you don't want [the top] spot, you don't belong here," he said. "People are content at sitting in the middle or sitting at home and getting paid. That irritates me to no end. If you don't want to be the best here, don't be here, leave. You're hurting what we do. I want a whole roster of guys who want to be John Cena. Want to be on that level. That's part of the problem with some of the guys here. They're just content on being 'blah' That's what frustrates me about being in the main event spot, but Roman is still The Guy. I want to be the guy where everybody is going, 'Put me with Corbin. I want to draw money with Corbin.' I want Lesnar or The Rock to go, 'I want to work with him.'"

Corbin spent the majority of 2019 working as the top heel on Raw and SmackDown, feuding with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns throughout the year. As he explained elsewhere on the podcast, despite his positioning, he was frustrated because he wants to be The Guy, which is the spot currently occupied by Roman Reigns in his mind. You can find his full comments on Reigns being The Guy by clicking here.

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