Kota Ibushi: Teaming With Hiroshi Tanahashi Will Be Different From Teaming Up With Kenny Omega

Kota Ibushi discusses the growing chemistry with his tag team partner Hiroshi Tanahashi.

In an interview with NJPW, Ibushi talked about the dynamics between the two of them and even recalled Tanahashi telling him that they need to treat each other as equals instead of Ibushi treating Tanahashi as some type of god. Although both wrestlers are a relatively new tag team, they do hold the IWGP Tag Team Championship and Ibushi said he is excited about the synergy the two will develop over time.

"You know, when I started teaming with Tanahashi he said ‘stop with this ‘god’ stuff. We have to be equals if we want to make this work. Oh, not that far; he’s still my senpai! Maybe in the heat of the moment in a match I might yell ‘Come on, Tanahashi!’, and not ‘Tanahashi, sir!’ We’re relatively new as a team, and don’t have much of that synergy developed yet. That actually opens up more possibilities, I think," Ibushi said.

The conversation briefly turned towards Ibushi's history with Kenny Omega as the two teamed up as the Golden Lovers. Ibushi said he wants this partnership with Tanahashi to be different than when he was with Omega.

"I want it to be different, and I think it will be. Just consider the level both of us are at: Tanahashi said we can hold these belts forever and I agree with him," Ibushi said.

Both Ibushi and Tanahashi won the tag belts back in February, but have yet to defend the belts since then as NJPW has canceled shows from March to April 11 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

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