Kota Ibushi Wants To Elevate IWGP Tag Team Titles To The Point They Can Headline The Tokyo Dome

Kota Ibushi has never been one to shy away from talking about his lofty goals in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Although he wasn't victorious in winning the Double Gold Dash at this year's Wrestle Kingdom 14 show, Ibushi would team up with Hiroshi Tanahashi and win the IWGP Tag Team Championship in February. Now holding a title once again, Ibushi said in an interview published by NJPW that he wants to elevate the IWGP Tag Team titles to the point where a title bout could headline a Wrestle Kingdom show at the Tokyo Dome.

"What’s wrong with having the tag titles headline at the Tokyo Dome? Maybe a lot of fans don’t see the titles that way, but I want to elevate them to the point where it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary," Ibushi said.

Throughout Wrestle Kingdom's history dating back to 2007, only one tag team match headlined the event (2007), and that match was not a title match. Ibushi understands that some people might not be too happy with a tag team match headlining the Tokyo Dome show, but Ibushi doesn't really care. In fact, he says he wants to rile up those fans up even more.

"I want to get some of those fans mad. Get them complaining ‘The IWGP Heavyweight title should be the main event no matter what!’. Then that’s when I take that title too. I’m greedy that way (laughs)," Ibushi said.

Ibushi would also comment on his current partnership with Tanahashi and how it could differ from his partnership with Kenny Omega and can be seen at this link.

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