Kris Wolf Says Training With Io Shirai Is As Intense As It Seems

Indie wrestler Kris Wolf was interviewed by Women's Wrestling Weekly. You can see submitted highlights below, and the full podcast above or at this link.

Is training with the pro wrestlers that Kris trained with, like Io Shirai, as intense as it seems?

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Yes! [Laughs] Um, but, I think Japan in general, it’s about time, and like, if you’re -- even with friendships -- the longer time you spend with them, the warmer that they get. Um, so like, I feel like  now is a very friendly person, she’s more open, she’s willing to like and talk and have conversations. But at the time, when we were underneath Nanae [Takahashi], it was more rigid. You know, there weren’t jokes, unless she was making the jokes, or unless, like, the top three were making jokes and stuff. It was -- for me, like, I can’t keep things inside, but I felt like I had to, in order to like, live in that society. So I became this kind of really quiet, polite person who didn’t understand half the things that were going on. But, um, yeah, it was a good experience! Keep pushing through!


On being in different wrestling productions and the passion she sees within the Indie scene:

I like bridging that gap between promotion to promotion, because, I think that’s what’s been really fun for me out here is going to the different groups, meeting the different people, and seeing how each one functions, and seeing how passionate each owner of the [promotion] is, in order for it to at least function somehow. Because it’s such a hard business.

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