Kurt Angle: The McMahon-Helmsley Storyline Helped Push Me To Main Event Status

Kurt Angle is back answering fan questions.

In the latest round of his Facebook Q&A session, Kurt Angle was asked about his early WWE run, working with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, along with working with various superstars during the Alliance Era. Angle replied, discussing his involvement in the McMahon-Helmsley storyline and how it helped elevate him to new heights.

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"It was working with all of these guys like HHH, Rock, Austin, Taker, Jericho just to name a few. The McMahon-Helmsley storyline helped to elevate me to the main event level. It was fun to be relatively inexperienced and new, and each week was a learning experience for me. I literally had so much fun wrestling and doing promos and backstage interviews. I really got the opportunity to enhance my character. It wasn’t work, it was fun!"

Other highlights from the Q&A session:

I heard Steve Austin tell a story,on his podcast I believe, about blowing you up at a house show once. I think he said it’s the only time he’d ever seen you like that! What’s the scoop on that?---- thanks!

Obviously I was tired that day. I have always taken pride in exhausting my opponents. I never get tired, but in that one particular night in Fresno, Austin got me tired. Make no mistake, Austin was a machine. He was one of the most intense wrestlers I faced. So YES, I blew up.... once. Lol

Hi kurt! I want know who is youre favorite rival while working for WWE?

I had a lot of rivals. Orton. Cena. Taker. Brock. Michaels. HHH. Rock. Austin. Jericho. Edge. Christian. Booker T. AJ (Tna). Joe (Tna). Sting (Tna). BUT..... Angle vs Benoit was incredible. I felt like I was wrestling myself. We had many classics. I tell aspiring wrestlers to watch Royal Rumble 2003 Angle vs Benoit for the WWE Championship. Upcomers could learn a lot watching that match. That’s how it always was with Benoit. We had incomparable chemistry.

After the olympics what was your initial plans before wwf come knocking on your door?

Actually WWE was the first offer I got. In 1996 I refused the offer. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do after the Olympics. I got a gig as a sportscaster, but it wasn’t for me, so I thought about being an Olympic Coach. Instead I called WWE in late 1998 and asked if I could try out. They said yes and the rest is history.

Chuck Norris vs Kurt Angle... Who wins?

Me. Lol. But, I Love Chuck Norris, so I would do the job for him. ------

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