Kurt Angle Says He Never Turned Down A Storyline, Didn't Like Sharmell Sexual Harassment Story

Kurt Angle names a storyline he didn't enjoy.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has done it all in wrestling. From driving a milk truck into the arena to remixing Shawn Michaels' theme to winning multiple World Titles. Angle has been a serious wrestling machine and used in comedy roles. And even though he's been in a top position and could potentially turn down a storyline, Angle revealed in his latest Facebook Q&A that he's never turned down a story. But he did name one storyline he didn't like.

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"I never turned down a storyline. The one that I didn’t really like was with Booker T and Sharmell, when I was stalking Sharmell. A bit weird for me. Have tons of respect for Book and Sharmell. It was tough to do," he wrote.

The angle, which included Kurt wanting to have "bestiality sex" with Sharmell, took place in 2005 and ended with Booker defeating Angle at Judgment Day and then again on a subsequent episode on SmackDown. In between the two singles losses, Angle did pin Sharmell in a handicap match.

Other highlights from the Q&A.

Who is the friendliest person in pro wrestling you have met

Seth Rollins Or Finn Balor. They both are very respectful and extremely approachable. I’m sure most fans would agree.

What was the way someone got through to you about your addiction issues? I’m dealing with my brother who is an addict and running out of ways to try and help.

He won’t get better until he decides he wants to quit. I decided to choose my wife and kids over my addiction. My wife gave me that choice. I chose her. You need a reason to quit. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until you hit rock bottom. Hopefully, your brother has a motivation to stop. Rehab is his best option as of now.

Hey Kurt, what’s your favourite album of all time?

The band with the most impact in my life was KISS. KISS Alive 1 was my fave album. I’ve been listening to them for over 40 years!!

What were your thoughts when you saw your first action figure?

It was pretty cool. My wife is kind of pissed at me because I never collected any of my action figures. I’m not much of a collector. She’s trying to do it now and it’s costing us lots of money. It’s hard to find the old figures, but my wife has been buying them online. Rumors are I have over 150 different figures. We will see. Lol:)

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