Lana: "I Probably Drive (Rusev) Crazy"

Lana has been a sensation for the WWE, working as a manager, performer and even a personality on Total Divas. However, according to the woman herself on Talk is Jericho, it's sometimes difficult for her to turn off her creative mind for wrestling. 

"I probably drive him crazy. I feel like I never turn off wrestling. I never turn off trying to create, so I have to kind of be like, ‘okay for the next hour, we’re not going to talk about storylines, pitches, wrestling, or 17 different ideas of how we’re going to become multi-billionaires," said Lana.

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Lana also noted that her Russian teachers helped inspire her character. While the story sounds ridiculous, it's worth noting that Lana was interviewed out of character. 

"A lot of the ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana, I take from my Russian teachers. My teacher would come in with a paddle, and she would smack us, and she had these long nails and would dig in. She was nuts. She would throw her shoes, and call us like, ‘you stupid fat cow!’ I feel very fortunate to have grown up in a merge of both worlds. I have my parents who are so American, and just their point of view on life is so American. My dad is always like, ‘shoot for the stars, the sky is the limit, you can do anything, all your dreams are possible, I’m proud of you.’ You would get a bad grade on a test, and he’d be like ‘it’s okay, work harder, I’m proud of you.’ So I grew up with that great support system at home, but then I would go to school where it’s just crazy Russian disciple, and I think that’s why Lana is such an extension of myself, because it’s like – I do associate myself as not just American, but Russian-American.”

You can check out the full interview at this link.

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