Lana Reveals She's Had Death Threats Over Bobby Lashley Storyline, Says FBI Has To Protect Her

Lana caused an immediate commotion when she returned to WWE television in September, kissing Bobby Lashley in front of her husband Rusev. The story has evolved from Lana and Lashley's first kiss with restraining orders, arrests, fake pregnancies and divorce papers all added in. The cheating/divorce angle has been met with criticism for many reasons and unfortunately, it's gone beyond the typical complaints. 

In an interview with ComicBook, Lana revealed that she has received death threats over the angle and the FBI has had to get involved. 

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"I personally have received a lot of death threats," she said. "I've gotten calls from like WWE and the FBI, people actually threatening WWE. Having death threats on me and the FBI has had to call me and protect me. And I get death threats on my comments on Instagram, on Twitter. I mean, people are bullies. I mean today I opened my email account and I had this death threat on my email. But it was just like the names that people call are just, it's just appalling. It's absolutely appalling."

She continued, "You know, cyber-bullying is a big cause of suicide and I just wanna speak out on it, as like, that is really, really, really wrong. It's completely wrong. People really need to think before they comment. Because all they're doing is they're hiding behind a screen and they're just, they're being mean. And you know, do people want to be responsible for people killing themselves? I'm going to continue to strongly speak out about it because I think that there's a lot, a lot of people that are victims of cyber-bullying and it really affects their entire life and it's wrong and it needs to stop"

Previously, Lashley revealed he also received death threats over the story. You can view his full comments by clicking here. Meanwhile, Rusev stated that the storyline is a collaborative effort between all parties.

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