The Lariat Pro Wrestling's Top 10 GCW Homecoming Matches!

GCW Homecoming was a runaway success, capturing buzz and the top Twitter trend last weekend. Frank Sarne has compiled a list of his top 10 matches from the weekend. You can follow him on Twitter for more!

1. Nick Gage vs. Matt Cardona
(GCW World Title Match)
GCW Homecoming Night 1

"How could anything top this match" was both my thought going into the weekend, during the match, after the match, and still to this point. This was THE marquee matchup even with a stacked lineup. Matt Cardona came to Atlantic City,out of his element, and had one hell of a main event with the Deathmatch God himself, Nick F'n Gage.

Cardona was cut open with glass and "carved up" with Gage's trademark Pizza Cutter but in the end, thanks to some help from Nick Gage's longtime rival Rickey Shane Page, managed to get the 3 count and become the new GCW Champion. This was a match and moment in wrestling history that won't soon be forgotten. Everything from the build, to the electricity in the building, was unlike anything I've ever seen, absolute masterpiece.

2. Drew Parker vs. Alex Colon
Title vs Title GCW Ultraviolent and BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title
GCW Homecoming Night 1

In comes Drew Parker, fighting out of Japan by way of Wales coming into Alex Colon's house to challenge him in a Double Title Deathmatch. The stakes couldn't have been higher and these two guys delivered a bloody masterpiece complete with the upset as the guy who had won 3 straight NGI Death Match tournaments for GCW lost the strap to the equally as violent and super entertaining Drew Parker. This match would set the scene for a title defense the next night, which we will get to in a second.

3. Nolan Edward vs. AJ Gray
GCW Homecoming Night 1

Two of the top guys on the Independents squared off in front of a rowdy crowd at the Showboat and delivered and classic. Everything from the insane entrance with the entire crowd singing his theme felt like a big fight and these two delivered. AJ may have the loudest and hardest slaps chops and lariats in the game and they were on full display in this one as he finished off No Flinch for another major victory.

4. Jordan Oliver vs. Archadia
JCW Dear Summer

A Jersey wrestling legend against a young stud who's been on a red hot streak on the indies provided the best match on the JCW card and let everyone know this weekend was going to be special. A lot of trash talk early with Jordan asking Archadia if hes too old to wrestle anymore ended with The Clout Cutter racking up another win while earning the respect of the Vet, wrestling at its finest.

5. Drew Parker vs. Jimmy Lloyd
GCW Homecoming Night 2

The newly crowned Champion had no time off to heal his wounds from the instant classic he had against Alex Colon the night prior but he went all out against "A Different Boy" in Jimmy Llyod. We saw it all in this one including a senton off a ladder through a pane of glass which was on top of Jimmy, ouch.

Parker made alot of new fans this weekend and would be a strong candidate for MVP of the weekend along with a certain Silver Toothed wrestler who's in the next matchup of the list.

6. Atticus Cogar vs. Joey Janela
GCW Homecoming Night 2

No one in GCW has had more of a rise in the past year than Atticus Cogar and on Night 2 of Homecoming he added another classic to his resume. His opponent, The Bad Boy Joey, who despite being signed to AEW has made appearances for his home promotion GCW for big matches.

Joey returned to his stomping ground Sunday for another big one and the two tore the house down. This match was a violent one, which neither guy is unfamiliar with and we saw them battle with lots of blood being spilled but in the end Janela got the victory which marked a rare loss for Atticus.

7. Jonathan Gresham vs. Starboy Charlie
GCW Homecoming Night 1

Starboy Charlie, who is one of the Independent Wrestling Prodigies has been red hot of late going up against best guys GCW has to offer while putting on banger after banger. In comes ROH's Jonathan Gresham, one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet and the Octopus put Starboy is just about every hold and submission you can think of to get him uncomfortable.

To his credit, the young phenom held his own and went toe to toe & hold for hold with one of the greatest pure wrestlers of this generation. This felt like a MOMENT for Charlie and his rise and the run he's on right now is something that shouldn't be ignored.

8. Atticus Cogar vs. Kennedi Copeland
H20 Hustlepalooza

Atticus Cogar and Kennedi Copeland put on the best match at H20's event which I enjoyed alot but this was the ONE. Atticus has established himself as one of the best on the indies and Kennedi Copeland has been making a name for herself even more of late. Copeland took some brutal punishment(Skewers in her forehead!) at the hands of Cogar and kept going forward with the fans behind her heavily.

9. Grim Reefer vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
GCW Homecoming Night 1

No match could explain what an absolute party like atmosphere it was inside the Showboat Night 1 more than this one could. Two veterans in their own rights, who have put on 1000's of matches got one of the loudest reactions of the weekend and put on another great match. Grim Reefer lighting up a joint during the match and Scorpio stealing it and smoking it popped the crowd huge and start to finish had the fans in a frenzy. Scorpio moves around ridiculously well for his age and still goes high risk which is something the GCW fans got behind big time as he picked up the W.

10. Billie Starkz/RSP/Everett Connors vs. Charles Mason/Bam Sullivan/Slade
JCW Dear Summer

In a match which felt like it took place in an alternate universe, the crowd got strongly behind RSP who's typically the biggest heel on the indies, but JCW RSP recieved "Rickey Shane Page is my favorite Wrestler" chants and his teammates, Billie Starkz and Everett Connors "Let them know" that they are two of the best and most over young stars in wrestling by picking up the victory in this fun main event of JCW Dear Summer.

Honorable Mentions:

Young Dumb N Broke (Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor & Griffin McCoy) vs. Dyln McKay, Marcus Mathers & Steve Sanders
JCW Dear Summer

Cole Radrick vs. Matt Makowski
JCW Dear Summer

Rickey Shane Page vs. G-Raver
Casket Match
H20 Hustlepalooza

Six Way Scramble: Yoya vs Devon Monroe vs Frightmare vs. Kung Fu Janela vs Steve Scott vs Tre Lamar
JCW Dear Summer

Marko Stunt vs. Starboy Charlie
GCW Homecoming Night 1

6 Way Scramble: Atticus Cogar vs Brayden Lee vs. Dante Leon vs Jack Cartwheel vs Jordan Oliver vs Shane Mercer
GCW Homecoming Night 1

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