Major Happenings After Raw, Video Of WWE Championship Resolution

Monday Night's episode of Raw went off the air in controversial fashion, leaving many viewers confused. They were even more confused when they found out it was followed up on the WWE Network.

Monday's Raw saw the finish of the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins WWE Championship match end with a double pin. Seth Rollins celebrated, his music played, and longtime pal Stephanie McMahon was over the moon as Seth Rollins scampered up the ramp. New WWE Champion?

Not so fast.

The WWE then started broadcasting on the Network, but didn't really bother telling anyone. Luckily for you, you can catch the footage above. After a fair bit of scuttlebutt in the ring, the referee was able to catch a video replay of the finish. The ref declared the match a draw, when he saw both competitors had their shoulders on the mat.

Rollins wasn't happy with the call, and attacked Ambrose, taking off with the title. The referee scolded Rollins, who returned to the ring to continue the assault, only to be laid out by Ambrose.

Make sure to catch's full coverage (covered in the way that only Fightful's Alex Pawlowski can).

By Sean Ross Sapp