Major League Wrestling Presents Battle Riot III Results Alex Hammerstone Earns a World Title Shot

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for MLW Battle Riot III!

- We open tonight's show with a run down of several of the competitors who will take part in the Battle Riot later tonight before we go to the ring as El Jefe, Dario Cueto, now known as Cesar Duran comes out to the ring and addresses the MLW fans and talks about how he thought MLW would be a good place to build a Lucha temple before calling the fans imposters. Cesar talks about how Azteca will work with MLW and he will be the new booker for MLW before he's interrupted by Injustice who come out to the ring and mock Cesar before saying that they're out there for a shot at the tag titles. Cesar and Injustice are interrupted by Konnan and the latest incarnation of LAX before Cesar mocks Konnan before Injustice and LAX face off before brawling and LAX beat Injustice down with their superior numbers.

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- We get a backstage interview with EJ Nduka before he picks his number for the Battle Riot and the feed cuts to Contra Unit who cut a promo before we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for a new mini-series called MLW Fusion Alpha which will debut next month.

- We go to Tommy Lawlor backstage as he draws his number in the battle royal before EJ comes back and the two face off before Kevin backs Tom off before they start fighting.

Battle Riot Battle Royal Match

Davey Richards enters at number one before Tom Lawlor comes out at number two before TJP comes in at number three and Lee Moriarty at number four before Kit Osbourne comes out at five and King Mo at six before Team Filthy take control with Tom directing traffic and beating on Davey and Lee as TJP looks on from the side. Calvin Tankman comes in at seven and take out everyone on Team Filthy single-handedly before Arez comes in at eight and starts a superkick party before planting Lee with a falcon arrow and Gringo Loco enters at number nine. Zenshi comes in at ten and hits everyone with a cutter before hitting Calvin with a 619 and Calvin knocks Zenshi off of the apron and onto the time keepers table as Aramis enters at number eleven and Alex Kane at twelve before hitting several Germans, including one to Calvin before Middleweight champion Myron Reed enters at thirteen. Savio Vega comes in at fourteen with a kendo stick and beats everyone down before Zenshi stands on his hands and gets back into the ring before Jordan Oliver enters at fifteen with both members of Injustice now in the match before The Beastman comes in at sixteen. Beastman exchanges with Calvin and drops him before the entirety of LAX come in and bring a shopping cart of weapons with them before Slice drives Myron through a wooden board and Matt Cross comes in at nineteen before Savio is eliminated via pinfall.

Bu Ku Dao comes in at twenty and brawls with TJP at ringside before Tom is eliminated and Marshall Von Erich comes in at twenty-one before Marshall eliminates Kit and EJ comes in at twenty-two before Beastman and Gringo before Kimchee comes in at twenty-three and EJ eliminates King Mo. EJ eliminates Kimchee before taking out Arez as Zicky Dice comes in at twenty-four before EJ eliminates TJP and Zicky gets hit with a Claw slam before Kevin Ku comes in at twenty-five and EJ eliminates Cross before KC Navarro comes in at twenty-six and EJ eliminates Lee before facing off with Calvin and the two exchange strikes. Lance Anoai comes in at twenty-seven before EJ and Calvin are eliminated before Injustice take out LAX and LAX rip them off of the apron and eliminate them before the two sides brawl to the back as Tom comes out again dressed as LA Park comes out at twenty-eight. Marshall rips the mask off of LA and eliminates Tom before Sim Gotch comes in at twenty-nine before Daivari comes in at number thirty for the second member of Contra Unit before The Blue Meanie enters at thirty-one and Ikuro Kwan at thirty-two as Contra now have three members in the ring. Zicky is eliminated as Ross Von Erich enters at thirty-three before Josef Samael enters at thirty-four and immediately spikes Marshall before Alex Hammerstone comes in at thirty-five and the Sentai Death Squad enter at thirty-six.

Kwang the Ninja enters at thirty-seven before King Muertes enters at thirty-eight and mists Blue for the pin and elimination before Gino Medina enters at thirty-nine and Mads Krugger rounds things out at number forty and eliminates Lance, KC, and Muertes eliminates Alex. The Von Erichs eliminate Muertes before Alex eliminates both members of SDS and Josef before Marshall eliminates Ikuro and Mads eliminates both of the Von Erichs before Alex eliminates Davey and Daivari as it's down to just Alex and Mads. Mads hits a full nelson slam for a near fall before hitting a chokeslam for another two count before grabbing the spike that was stuck into one of the top turnbuckles before clotheslining Alex and Alex stabs Mads' foot with a spike before clotheslining Mads over the top rope and onto the floor for the elimination to win the Battle Riot.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone wins the Battle Riot by being the last person in the ring, earning a shot at Jacob Fatu's MLW World Heavyweight title.

- After the match Josef has to stop Jacob from going after Alex before Alex celebrates with the crowd before leaving up the ramp as we go off the air.

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