Malakai Black Says The Condition Of His Eye Worsens As He Gets Stronger

Malakai Black says "the thing on his face" getting worse is actually a good sign for him, bad for his adversaries, though.

Malakai Black is a storyteller that takes pride in every part of his character having a deeper meaning. From his movements to his aesthetic choices, Malakai Black doesn't want to leave anything to be chalked up to happenstance and would rather proudly let everyone know that the devil made him do it.

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Speaking with Connor Casey of ComicBook, Malakai revealed that from the end of the run as Aleister Black, everything that has been happening to end at the hands of Malakai Black has been with purpose including the growth on his eye worsening as he gets stronger.

"The idea behind it is that this greater entity known as Moloch or Malakai in this case, this messenger, orchestrated this whole idea that Tom was in a, what's the best word to describe this, had this episode that lasted almost five years wherein he believed that he was Aleister and that he believed that he was a fallen angel with memory loss or Lucifer or Satan, however you want to call it. He had this episode, this manic episode, where actually it was Malakai who orchestrated all of this and through the injury in his eye was able to kind of like fracture apart in being able to manifest himself through the eye," he said.

"That's also why this thing on my face keeps growing and growing because he becomes stronger and stronger, and it reacts to certain events and certain happenings. So in a way, it's a continuation, but at the same time, there's a layer above the layers. I've said this and I've referenced this many, many times for me, wrestling is a lot more than just us versus them or you versus me. It's a creative outlet for me. Some like it, some don't. I don't care. It's about what I want to do and clearly what I do works. A lot of people are intrigued by it. Sure, people are not going to be intrigued by it. That's fine. It's a part of like this, I dove into a sea of what can I do with this? I'm still swimming down to whatever I can find, like the bottom of things. I keep discovering new things and keep discovering new layers and ideas that I find interesting that I feel that I can stick on to this character and create this character. It becomes its own universe in a way. It's just a very creative outlet."

Most recently, Black sprayed the poison mist in the eyes of Julia Hart on AEW Dynamite on December 8. You can check out our full coverage of the episode at this link.

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