Malcolm Bivens Pops Questlove With Donald Glover Photoshop

Donald Glover is ready to make new music and Malcolm Bivens has been sending him the beats.

As a 1996 Source Award winner*, Bivens has been around the game for a long time, and though Glover is carved his own lane in the music industry, everyone needs a Dr. Dre. Bivens was kindly sending Glover, known as music circles as Childish Gambino, some beats for his new project.

Not knowing his rap history, Glover seemed confused by Biven's offer. You can view the exchange, which is 100% real and not photoshopped at all** in the media below.

The interaction between Glover and Bivens caught the attention of The Roots drummer and Grammy award winner Questlove, who popped for the 100% real and not photoshopped at all** exchange.

It appears a collaboration between Bivens, Gambino, and The Roots is in works. Stay tuned for more.

*Not an actual 1996 Source Award Winner
**The image is photoshopped and not 100% real.

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