Maria Manic Reveals She Has A Concussion, Says Bully Ray Never Checked Up On Her

Maria Manic has gone out and commented on her health and spoke about Bully Ray not checking up on her after she got hurt. 

Manic suffered a concussion at the ROH Free Enterprise show that recently took place on February 9 when she got powerbombed through a table by Bully Ray. In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Manic would go on to confirm that she does have a concussion and is still not cleared to compete. 

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She would go on to add that she isn’t in pain, but did admit that she doesn’t remember certain moments immediately after being powerbombed. ROH has gone out and said that Manic is out indefinitely due to a “neck injury.”

“I do have a concussion right now. I’m fine. I’ve had concussions before. Concussions don’t work like some people think they do. It’s not like I’m paralyzed or can’t do anything. I’m fine. I can carry out everyday activities really easily. I’m not in pain either. Concussion just impairs little things you do, but it doesn’t take you out. When I went through that table, I hit the back of my head, I don’t know what I hit the back of my head on, but I don’t really remember anything after that. I was laying there. I don’t know how long I was laying there. I guess when I smacked my head, and I’ve been through a lot of tables and never had an issue like that, then again, Bully is a big man. I don’t know if it’s the force. I don’t want to think that anything was intentional. But I never hit my head like that before. Usually, I’m good with protecting my head,” Manic said.

Manic would go on to talk about how Bully Ray never checked up on her even well after the event is over. Manic added that while he respects Bully Ray for being an authentic person and not a gimmick, she felt that Bully should have at least checked up on her. 

“I’m scared to talk about things when it comes to professional wrestling because when it seems like whenI tell the truth, I get in trouble. But you know what, if the truth is what kills then let it f***ing kill me… What I’m upset about is not the injury, I’ll be fine, and they are pretty strict about the concussion sh*t so I’m going to need some sort of clearance before I get in the ring. Hopefully it won’t be too long… There’s a mutual respect where you go and check on people whether you like them or not, whatever your personal relationship is. I’ll be honest. Bully is the only guy I’ve met in the wrestling business where he’s not a gimmick, he’s not a character. Who he is is who he is. At the end of the day, I respect him for being pretty blunt about that. He doesn’t sugarcoat sh*t. He doesn’t kiss ass, he’s a bit of an a**hole. But he’s real with it and I do respect that. Regardless of that, I would like to think that if you know that I’m hurt, whether you had anything to do with it or not, I would think that you would check up on me and make sure I’m good. From what I remember, he never came up and made sure I was okay. It’s a little upsetting,” Manic said.

While she’s out of action, Manic said she will try and work on other aspects of her wrestling that doesn’t necessarily involve being in the ring and is not sure when she’ll return to action.

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