Mariposa Says Politics In TNA Weren't Fun To Deal With

Mariposa, AKA Cheerleader Melissa and Raisha Saeed was interviewed by WPW weekly. You can see highlights from the interview below, and the full podcast at this link.

Melissa Talks About Mariposa came about: 

Lacey Evans: If There's A Company That Will Bring Me In To Kick Ass And Get My Ass Kicked, That's Great

So, basically...when I first met with Lucha Underground, they had already had in mind that there was going to be I think 5 or 7 Tribes. And each Tribe was going to be “The Snake Tribe” and the This Tribe and That Tribe, and two of the Tribe Leaders were female...and they did actually open the door to give me an option whether do I want to go this direction, or do I want to go that direction? So I ended up choosing The Moth Tribe...My personality and my wrestling style fit what they needed for the character specifically. So it was a character that they had already came [sic] up with, they just needed somebody to fill the role.

Melissa Talks About Whether She Will Go Back To Impact:

No...and, uh, not interested...the drama and politics wasn’t fun at the time. But, I mean, who I am to say that now? I mean, they have a completely new staff, times have definitely changed. New ownership and everything, so really me saying that kinda has no credibility now...but, no, I still don’t wanna go back (laughs)...Not for any negative reasons, I’m happy where I’m at right now.


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