Match Ratings For 2/1/21 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp

Drew McIntyre comes out and puts over all the winners at the Royal Rumble, and Edge interrupts. Edge says that Drew McIntyre has lost his.....Edge. They discussed Edge being a mentor to Drew, but Edge is goading Drew. Sheamus comes out and criticizes Edge. Edge tries to warn Drew that he's playing a dangerous game, and he'll make his decision known in due time. After Edge leaves, Sheamus turns on Drew McIntyre with a Brogue Kick. Keith Lee was right all along.

Sheamus has been awesome in the ring lately. He's also won one singles match in the last three months. Why couldn't WWE have heated him up with wins? They had to know this was coming. Drew's whole thing was wanting to defend against deserving challengers. They went opposite. If you tell me repeatedly that all those matches he lost don't matter because he kicked Drew, why should anyone be watching them?

New NXT Women's Champion Crowned At NXT Halloween Havoc 2021

Drew Gulak got Sheamus' bags for him.

WWE United States Championship
Riddle defeated Lashley (c) (w/ MVP) via DQ

Bobby Lashley heaves Riddle around, but gets caught with a head scissors over the ropes and an ASAI FLOATING BRO. I'm calling that an Asai Floating Bro even though Asai never did it. Lashley gets DQ'd for doing The Hurt Lock in the ropes. So you know we're getting this a third time, because nothing just happens. Lashley does the move outside the ring and MVP is trying to talk sense into him. Lashley is livid.

Xavier Woods (w/ Kofi Kingston) defeated Mustafa Ali (w/ Retribution)

It's great to see Kofi Kingston back, and great to see Ali talking. T-Bar physically interfered in the match, but it doesn't matter apparently. Xavier Woods gets the win with a great modified crucifix. Well, okay.

Damian Priest (w/ Bad Bunny) defeated The Miz (w/ John Morrison)

Damian Priest is hanging out with Bad Bunny backstage. Miz and Morrison have Miz TV with Bad Bunny on it, and say they'll make him a WWE Superstar if he help them record an album. They're berating him, and he brings Priest out. Priest fortunately only sold for a brief period of time. He's been a main roster-ready guy since the moment he was signed. Bad Bunny prevents Miz from using the Money in the Bank briefcase and cracks Morrison with a mic. I don't know that getting distracted by Morrison, and needing help to win a match is how I'd debut Damian Priest, but the positive of having literally anything to do with Bad Bunny outweighs that. So that was big for Priest.

Miz and Morrison need Taya.

Backstage, Priest gets props from Edge. They've went heavy into him and started him out with a big push.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
The Hurt Business (c) defeated Lucha House Party

Lucha House Party have won five straight two-on-two tag team matches across all three brands. I love them getting this title shot. It makes sense. There's a great double dive from Lucha House Party. No surprise they're kicking ass tonight, as they do any time they're given an opportunity. Shelton takes the tag for himself and hits Paydirt for the win. This was a really good approach, and Shelton Benjamin going with the "I'll do it myself" is a nice tactic.

Top Contender Match
Naomi & Lana defeated Asuka & Charlotte and Mandy Rose & Lana

Dana and Mandy have matching gear, and that's cool. I wish Naomi would use the springboard kick as her finish because it RULES. I'm glad that WWE has a bunch of stuff that matters tonight. Charlotte Flair is distracted, tags out and is more worried about Lacey Evans than a title shot. Naomi pins Asuka after a flying ass to the face. I'm sure they're using this to set up Charlotte vs. Asuka, but I don't know why they feel like their World Champ need to eat pins with another team there. Asuka could be just as mad Charlotte cost them the match without that. That's four DQ or distraction finishes on Raw tonight. Wrestlers are being booked like cats with laser pointers

Randy Orton says he's going to take Edge out and there will be no WrestleMania main event for him,Edge has not wrestled on WWE Raw since March 28 2011. He teamed with Christian. Worth noting, even separately of the title shot, Edge is not a "Raw" star. He wasn't in the draft, and doesn't have a brand listed on the official site. This was the eighth match of the Elias/ Jeff Hardy feud since October.

Jeff Hardy & Carlito defeated Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Carlito and Jeff Hardy are teaming together for the first time since 2006 tonight on Raw. Carlito looks awesome physically, but also looks a little rusty in the ring. I maybe would have had him in there against Elias more than Ryker. Backstabber and Swanton get the pin on Elias.

Alexa Bliss defeated Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss kicks Nikki Cross' ass, but when Nikki gets the upper hand, she transforms into the Goddess. Nikki isn't buying it, but Alexa turns back into Funhouse Alexa. She does a Sister Abigail DDT that looks great. Holding Nikki there forever is lame though.

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