Match Ratings, Notes For WWE Raw From The UK 11/6/17 By Sean Ross Sapp

Miz TV 

  • The dialogue here between Miz and Kurt Angle is average at best, and they throw to a ton of video clips.
  • Miz says Angle tried to disband Miztourage. Did he inject Bo with the mumps!?
  • Miz seems to think Braun being added to Team Raw and him being attacked are a conspiracy by Angle.
  • Kurt says that he had to promise Strowman a match with Miz tonight to get him on the team. A really cool reveal and reaction from Miz.
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Guitar on a pole match

  • Elias teases playing Wonderwall, and heels the crowd. He's so good on the main roster.
  • He's interrupted, in a shocking move.
  • I'm surprised Booker T didn't bring up Jeff Jarrett when asked about a guitar, but DID reference Erik Watts, which made everything better.
  • Not a lot to this. A nice dropkick and rolling Northern Lights suplexes and Jordan wins.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Cesaro talking with a mouth guard has to be a rib. He and Sheamus talk Angle into giving them a tag title shot tonight.
  • Kurt Angle adds Jason Jordan to team Raw. WWE sweetened the crowd noise over the video, but when they cut back to the arena you could still hear the boos. Booker T hates the idea. 
  • Mike Rome was super excited to interview Bayley and Sasha Banks. BE OBJECTIVE, BRO. Lame buddy buddy promo here.
  • I think Renee Young joined the Shield backstage.
  • Alexa Bliss calls Natalya an eccentric cat lady. Charly Caruso brings up that Alexa Bliss ran from the Smackdown siege.


Asuka defeated Stacy Coates

  • Asuka properly beats the living shit out of Stacy Coates. Real stiff.
  • Modified Bubba Bomb into an Asuka Lock. Nice.
  • Alicia Fox adds Asuka to team Raw in an awkwardly short backstage video.
  • Alicia Fox is going to hit Randy Orton level Survivor Series legend.

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor wrestle to a double countout

  • Titus cuts a pretty solid promo backstage and says Samoa Joe is in trouble. Well he's not, because Joe kicks his ass before he can get to the ring. 
  • Finn Balor answers Joe's open challenge instead!
  • I would rather hear ordinary broadcasters doing extraordinary commentary at this point.
  • Balor's hot streak in the ring continues. He's working a stiffer, faster style, and Joe can keep up and take everything. Production misses a lot of big kicks, though.
  • Missed Coup De Grace, Joe hits a uranage. Balor ends up with a big double foot stomp and a tope con hilo. Balor's pedestrian offense is finding it's place more and more each week.
  • They have to be pulled apart, but Kurt Angle likes it. He adds both guys to team Raw!

Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Alicia Fox & Nia Jax

  • Bayley is super over in the UK, and they sing to her. I miss those days. 
  • Nia Jax is caught cheesing for the camera after commercial.
  • Fundamentally sound stuff in this match with a great crowd.
  • Alicia Fox took a gross bump to the outside. 
  • New hair Nia is using Snake Eyes, which I like her adding. 
  • Sasha's hot tag was great, awesome utilization of her signature moves. She ends up beating Alicia.
  • Sasha Banks looked outstanding. This was a fun match.
  • Alicia Fox adds Sasha to the Survivor Series team. Bayley looks distressed.

Braun Strowman defeated The Miz (w/ Miztourage) via DQ

  • Bo Dallas is trying to pump up Miztouage. Curtis Axel says they just need to run.  
  • That would have been a good idea. Braun kicks the shit out of Miz.
  • There's a hilarious Bo Dallas punch. Braun is heaving these turds all over the place.
  • Kane comes out to confront Braun. He gets beaten up and so do the Miztourage. Wow. Braun is just the guy. He even has the running powerslam over. 
  • Notable moments "YOU THREW ME IN A GARBAGE TRUCK" and the crowd screaming "BRAUUUUN" with him.

Pete Dunne defeated Enzo Amore

  • Enzo Amore cuts a really long, loud promo. It was so rambly that it was hilarious.
  • Kalisto interrupts and sits ringside.
  • PETE DUNNE is facing Enzo. Wow. Didn't need the Angle intro though.
  • Pete Dunne with Poor Dunn production.
  • Enzo gets suplexed onto the apron. Later, he has a real nice facecrusher out of submission hold. 
  • Dunne wins with the Bitter End. Good stuff.

Raw Tag Team Championships
Cesaro & Sheamus defeated The Shield (c) to win the titles

  • Ambrose and Rollins are flying all over the place. 
  • I thought for sure Ambrose would hit his rebound lariat when being punched into the ropes by Sheamus, but no dice.
  • Cesaro and Sheamus slow things down big time.
  • Rollins even switched up his style to a high flying one for this run.
  • Interesting that Cesaro and Sheamus are trying that double crucifix bomb since the Bludgeon Brothers are now, too. They connect with it outside the ring. 
  • There's a great series of finishing moves and false finishes.....and New Day's music hits!
  • Who the shit did Michael Cole think that was? 
  • New Day clown Raw, and the Raw locker room empties.
  • Sheamus Brogue Kicks Rollins! Sheamus and Cesaro win! 
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