Match Ratings, Podcast Notes For WWE Raw 8/6/2018 From Sean Ross Sapp

Roman Reigns defeated Constable Corbin

  • Kurt Angle takes a shot at Brock Lesnar not wrestling on WWE Raw, and puts over Ronda Rousey.
  • "If you kick out the Big Dog, who will protect the yard?" Who talks like that? -- good point made by Kyler on our Twitter feed.
  • They tease Brock Lesnar being suspended. Kurt Angle says it's not happening and he hopes Reigns wins. Corbin says it's unprofessional. Kurt Angle books the two in a match.
  • Superman punch out of the gate for two.
  • Corbin is all about that half nelson crossface. There's a little back and forth and we go into a second commercial break. This match has been a whole lot of nothing after the first Superman punch.
  • Baron Corbin hits an INSANE Deep Six. This is where I segue into a Blue Chew ad.....right!?
  • Corbin tries to leave, but Balor comes out, and walks Corbin right back into a Superman Punch. Spear. Pinfall. That's a wrap. 
  • That match only got out of 5/10 territory because of the really cool Deep Six. 
  • A little Reigns/Balor fist bump. Balor does the Coup de Grace on Corbin.
  • So....Balor lost clean, then comes out and jump stomps a guy after wrestling for 15-20 minutes? What a dickhead.
Two Debuts Headline 5/7 WWE 205 Live

Bobby Roode defeated Mojo Rawley

  • Little action, then we go to break.
  • Mojo is yellow. He is also successful with a gutwrench suplex when we come back. Nice to see him adding to his repertoire. He hits a side slam, too.
  • I think Mojo Rawley has more upside as a singles than Bobby Roode. This is way too slow paced.
  • Roode counters into a Glorious DDT for the win.
  • This is so basic and standard. This is a WWF Action Zone match from 1996. If the crowd would have reacted to anything, this would have been a basic 5/10. It was plodding, and quiet, and nothing happening.

Elias and Lashley

  • Elias is shown backstage with a film crew. He then appears in the ring to perform.
  • Elias isn't happy about how ugly the rest of the crowd is.
  • Bobby Lashley is out and says Elias' documentary was an accurate representation of him. Elias thinks it makes him look egotistical.
  • Elias has the shitting ice cream problem Prichard always talks about. The crowd loves the taste of it. He attacks Bobby Lashley.
  • I'm glad WWE has finally explored the story of an Elias performance being interrupted. Lashley beats Elias up and makes the crew film.

Rezar (w/ Akam) defeated Titus O'Neil (w/ Titus Worldwide)

  • A couple of sirloin beef sunsabitches. 
  • This is ugly. I can't break this down. It's a lot of really violent, sloppy strikes and a spinebuster that wins it for Rezar.
  • Why does Rezar need a distraction to beat Titus?

Kevin Owens Show

  • Kevin Owens brings out Jinder Mahal and credits Mahal for helping him out, and says he's never felt better.
  • Braun Strowman shows up and turns the stage over. 
  • That was pretty tame by Braun destruction standards

Jinder Mahal (w/ Kevin Owens and Sunil Singh) defeated Braun Strowman via DQ

  • A former world champion and Braun Strowman.
  • Strowman wrestles his briefcase away from Owens and accidentally hits Mahal with it and gets DQ'd.
  • Strowman boots Singh across the floor. 

Reigns/Lesnar Heyman.

  • I wish WWE would do more videos like this Lesnar/Reigns one. 
  • Paul Heyman tells Renee Young he hasn't spoken to Brock Lesnar in a week. His eyes are red and he's got stubble. He's afraid of Brock Lesnar being pissed off. This is the best Paul Heyman promo I've seen in a long, long time, and that's saying something. This is above and beyond, A+ stuff.
  • Paul Heyman just uncorked one of the all-time best promos I've ever seen in wrestling. He says he's known Brock for a long time, and there's no way Roman Reigns beats this Brock Lesnar. I can't put over this promo enough.

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins

  • Kurt Angle tells Seth Rollins if he finds a partner tonight that he can face Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.
  • Commentary flat out says it's not going to be Ambrose. Tyler Breeze shows up and pitches Crossfit Breezus. Instead, Roman Reigns accepts the challenge. 
  • Constable Corbin takes the phone to Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon delivers unsettling instructions. Baron Corbin reveals that Roman Reigns can't come out to the ring because he already competed, or else he forfeits his Summerslam match. Reigns hilariously punches Corbin in the ribs and calls for a trainer. 
  • Too bad the crowd didn't hear Cole say "IT'S FOR SURE NOT DEAN AMBROSE!"
  • Rollins fights off both, but there's a major botch on a body press that was supposed to go into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. It was horrible looking. 
  • McIntyre does a nice throwing suplex, but Rollins makes his comeback on Ziggler. 
  • Rollins gets a Buckle Bomb, but Drew made the blind tag and cut him off. Superkick wins it. 
  • WWE does this thing where they make it look like a guy should have a big surprise partner, especially a couple that make sense then they either do something lame or not at all. Enjoy the roller coaster ride.

B-Team vs. The Revival

  • B Team's theme is much more fitting now than THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE BATTLE SCAAAAAAAAAAAAARS. I mean it's dorky as shit, but it should be.
  • The Revival have a selfie promo about magic. Northern Lariat lands for Axel, and Dallas runs Wilder into Axel's knee. B-Team are getting better together.
  • Dallas is making Dawson look like a million bucks on a back flip bump, a turnbuckle smash and a short arm clothesline. 
  • Both guys end up knocked down and reaching for tags, but the lights go out and Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt show up on the apron and attack for the DQ. 
  • The Deleter of Worlds interference was a cool spot. Honestly the most interesting thing this feud has had. 

Riott Squad defeated the Hug N' Boss Connection

  • Sasha and Bayley are full on a tag team. There's some nice offense from Bayley, but she eats the second turnbuckle hard a couple of times. 
  • Liv Morgan's corner skateboard stomp is a nice move that really works for her.
  • Sasha Banks gets a hot tag to a really good reaction. Bayley gets a super Frankensteiner and Banks a Super Meteora, but Liv breaks up the pin.
  • A shadowy figure shows up to aid Riott Squad, it's Ruby and Logan pins Bayley.
  • Man I'm so glad to see Ruby Riott back.

Ronda Rousey (w/ Natayla) defeated Alicia Fox

  • ...........making Alicia Fox come out to Alexa Bliss' music. Wack.
  • Charly Caruso interviews Alexa Bliss and Fox. Bliss trashes Caruso for asking about Rousey. Fox cuts a promo and Alexa Bliss kicks Caruso out. 
  • Bliss rightfully credits Alicia Fox for helping pave the way for the current generation.
  • Ronda Rousey comes out to a nice ovation. In-ring introductions for this one. 
  • Alicia Fox is hilarious. She powders and Alexa trips Rousey, and Fox puts the boots to her.
  • Rouseys selling could be better, but she lights up Fox. The camera cuts don't do Rousey's corner attacks any favors.
  • Rousey hits a lot of arm drag throws. I'd take that suplex off the menu. It's not an easy one to take
  • Armbar, win.
  • Alexa tries to attack but gets dealt with.
  • This was not good. 
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