Mercedes Martinez Shares That She And WWE Are Always In Contact But No Contracts Have Been Signed

Mercedes Martinez is happy to be a part of WWE in any way.

19-year veteran of the sport of professional wrestling and former two-time SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez is currently working the independent wrestling scene and is featured in SHIMMER, RISE and more promotions across the globe. Mercedes has also been a part of the first two Mae Young Classic tournaments and made appearances on NXT but is not signed to WWE.

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Mercedes recently spoke with Danny Stone of Mirror Sport about a plethora of topics including the possibility of signing with WWE. Martinez responded by saying that her goal is to be a part of WWE in some way and revealed that she and the company are always in contact but no contracts have been signed. 

"I think anyone's goal – my goal – is to be part of WWE in some way. Whether it's performing, and maybe at this point in my life and in my career, maybe to do something with coaching, helping the new batch of girls get on TV and with their training. Whether that happens or not, I'm not sure. I mean, me and WWE are always in contact, but there is no contract, and I want to let everyone know that." She continued, "In terms of where my career can go, I'm still doing the independents, I'm still going overseas but in the back of my head, there's always the chance of being in WWE in one shape or form. Whether it's helping the girls out now and helping them get to that next level, who knows?

It was this past October that WWE held their first-ever all-women's pay-per-view 'Evolution'. Mercedes feels that there could be an all-women's brand if WWE chooses to go in that direction. She questioned that with RAW, SmackDown, NXT, NXT U.K. and 205 Live, where is the women's product and not just events such as the Mae Young Classic.

"I think if they go in the right direction, I really do think they can have their own brand and something just for females. You have companies: SHIMMER, EVE, SHINE, Femme Fatal, Bellatrix. There's just so many women's companies out there that have their own brand and their own streaming. This is a market - just females. So, it's not just enough to do a pay-per-view, we want our own stuff, snd I think, even if you've got your RAW, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live, what about women's stuff? Not just the Mae Young Classic, but something of our own" Mercedes questioned. "I think that's going to be the next big thing. Something weekly like a 205 Live but just females. The Mae Young Classic is a start. Evolution is a start. Main-eventing RAW, that's the right direction but I think we just need our own brand, because that's where you’re going to get the variety of female wrestlers that are unknown to showcase their stuff. NXT is a great start for the females, but we want something that's our own because we're still competing with the guys. We have the one match, maybe two, but the guys get the majority of it. So how about a whole women's show? I think it will get there. Maybe this year, maybe next year, who knows? But I think WWE will do that one brand because there's a market for it. It's already being done, it's just a matter of if they can capitalize on that and say, 'Yeah, women's wrestling is something real and they can draw just like the men do'. I'll watch it – I want to be a part of it – but if I'm not, I want to contribute to that."


While mentioning the Mae Young Classic, a clip surfaced from WWE's tryouts in Germany in-which former NSG World Women's Champion Wesna received an invitation to the Mae Young Classic 3 tournament and to check that out, click here.

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