Michael Cole Recalls CM Punk And Jerry Lawler Knocking His Teeth Out On The Day Of WrestleMania 27

Michael Cole is undefeated at WrestleMania, having defeated Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania 27. But the match was not without consequences.

The day of WrestleMania, Cole was in the ring, going over his match with Lawler. While running through the match, CM Punk unexpectedly made a run in.

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"CM Punk, for some reason, comes running across the ring and he delivers a knee lift that knocks my front tooth out. This is like four hours before my WrestleMania match. My tooth goes flying, Punk is telling me, 'Oh my God, I'll pay for the dental work. I'm so sorry. I don't know what got into me. I was just goofing around.' I'm like, 'I'm not worried about my dental work, I'm about to lose the biggest payday of my career because you knocked my tooth out,'" said Cole on WWE After The Bell.

One tooth knocked out would be a rough day. But things got worse for Cole in the match with Lawler, who did not go lightly on his announce partner turned rival.

"Jerry comes off the rope with a missle dropkick and he kicks me right in the mouth. What happens? My other tooth, next to the one Punk knocked out, goes flying across the ring," recalled Cole. "Now, I've lost two teeth in the same day. Jerry throws a right hand and I don't even sell. He goes, 'You've got to go down when I throw a punch.' The next one he throws, with his index knuckle out, catches me under the eye, I drop like a brick. I get up and he goes, 'I'm gonna deliver a Stunner.' 'How do I do a Stunner?' He goes, 'Just sit there.' He jams his shoulder into my chin so bad, I'm just laying there. I get carried out a bloody mess."

Despite ending up a bloody mess, Cole was victorious in the bout. It was the last time Cole would wrestle at WrestleMania, but not the last time he would step foot in the ring. He last wrestled on July 9, 2012, once again defeating Lawler by DQ.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Cole discussed the difficulties of his first decade in WWE. You can view his full comments by clicking here.

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