Mick Foley Believes The WWE 24/7 Title Will Catch On: It's Fun And Fun Is Missing In WWE

Mick Foley doesn't want you to give up on the 24/7 Title just yet.

This past Monday on WWE Raw, Mick Foley introduced the WWE 24/7 Title to the world. The gimmick behind the belt is that it can be defended at all times as long as a referee is present. Fans already saw three title changes on Monday when Titus O'Neil became the first 24/7 Champion before quickly losing it to Robert Roode....who would go on to drop the title to R-Truth.

Appearing on Busted Open Radio, Foley discussed the 24/7 Title and how he would have done his promo differently.

"The title design was the least of the issues. No matter what I pulled out, unless it was the old Hardcore Title, was going to be met with disinterest. It's still kind of frustrating -- not just frustrating, but terrifying -- when they're not buying what you're selling. I look back and I would have changed so many things. I wouldn't have come out with real serious intent when it's going to be a humorous belt," stated Foley. "I do believe that it's going to catch on. I think it's going to be fun. The truth is, we can't do the things we used to do with the Hardcore Title. If you call it the Hardcore Title and the emphasis is on the imagination and fun and bringing guys into the mix, the Hardcore Title is going to hurt that. We're gonna hear from people who are not happy with it, but we hear from them all the time anyway. I think it's going to be fun. And fun has been missing from WWE programming."

It was reported earlier this week that the 24/7 Title was an idea pitched by USA Network and Vince McMahon decided to use it.

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