Mick Foley Says His Hell In A Cell Match Wasn't The Best

Recently Mick Foley joined the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to discuss his “20 Years of Hell Tour”. In this excerpt, Foley discusses the impact the Cell match had on not only his life but pop culture and the wrestling business. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

Watching the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker cell match prior to his battle with Undertaker:

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"The match that Shawn had with Undertaker is still to me the best Cell match we've ever seen and that there has ever been and I wasn't so worried about overshadowing it, I was just trying to not embarrass myself."


The Jim Ross commentary track being used all throughout pop culture:


"We are kind of tied at the hip because of that night and it has gone on to become a part of pop culture. I don't know if there hasn't been a route at some sporting event where someone hasn't thrown up the meme of "someone stop the damn match" and it has really added so much to that match. I think it is one of the most powerful ways to experience the Cell match without watching it at all and to just listen to JR's commentary because it is really extraordinary. JR didn't know what was going to unfold that night and he said that he undoubtedly would have come up with something great but that spur of the moment call, I'll put it up there with anything I have ever heard in sports history. I said that in my book in 1999 and you can have "Do you believe in miracles”, "The Giants win the pennant" and in my mind "With God as my witness he's been broken in half" is as good as anything that I have ever heard anywhere."


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