Miro Recalls Being Fined For Cutting His Hair And Letting A Referee Superkick Him In WWE

Miro got in trouble for just having fun in a dark match.

Speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho, Miro was discussing a dark match pitting him, Baron Corbin, and Aiden English against The Usos and AJ Styles. The match took place after an episode of television and dark matches are generally a time to have some fun to send the crowd home happy.

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At least, that's what Miro and Jericho thought.

"It's me, Baron Corbin, and Aiden English against The Usos and AJ. We had the idea of a superkick party. They would superkick us three times in a row and then we would throw Aiden to get superkicked, he rolls out, we throw him back in, he gets superkicked. people are loving it. Finally, all three of us roll in, we stare at each other, The Usos and the ref superkick all three of us. AJ puts on the ref shirt and counts. I kick out, of course, because I have to protect myself. We go to the back and we got DLed. We got fined and they told me if I didn't kick out, I was going to get fired. We had phone calls and emails," he said. "If someone else had done it, might have gotten away, no big deal. For some reason....."

Jericho was stunned that they got in trouble for having fun in the dark match, noting that Steve Austin used to have the referee give a stunner to opponents in dark matches. Miro said that Vince had left the show by that point and that he believes the incident led to his loss at Wrestleania 34.

Later during the interview, Miro also recalled getting fined for cutting his hair while he was taking time off.

"I'm a little petty sometimes. When you fuck with me for too long, I'm just not gonna take it. I got here to live my dream. You stopping me for it, is gonna come out somewhere. In that case, I just cut my hair. I had nothing going on, they were beating me day in and day out. I was going away for shoulder surgery. What is there for me to cut my hair and then come back for one match so Big Show can chokeslam four times and punch me seven times. They tried to convince me it was to protect my character. I'm not that stupid. I love Big Show, if I need to put him over, I'll put him over. Vince got on my hair, 'How dare you, how could you, why didn't you ask?' Sorry, I'll ask next time," he said.

Miro cut his hair in 2017 and wrestled The Big Show at Fastlane 2017.

Miro now sports a close buzzcut that he's dyed blonde, drawing comparisons to Eminem's alter ego Slim Shady. Miro picked up his first singles victory in AEW this past Wednesday on Dynamite, defeating Trent.

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