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Here is your fight size update for Tuesday, May 4, 2021:

- Dani Jordan made a public declaration that one day Missy Elliott would do her theme song, much to her surprise, Missy Elliott quickly responded to this and seems to respond positively.

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- With Dark Side of the Ring premiering season 3 on VICE TV on Thursday, May 6, The producers recently stated to WrestlingInc. that the episode covering the plane ride from hell will leave viewers terrified.

“We have considered it since the very beginning. I actually remember Plane Ride From Hell being in the original pitch materials for the show when we pitched it to the network. I mean, it’s just one of those stories. You always saw the shoot interviews. You always saw the X-Pac’s on certain places talking about it, and so for us, it was always like, ‘Yeah, what’s the deal with that?’ But I’m so glad we waited. I’m so glad we waited until now to really find how we could tell it, and I feel like just making this show now so many times, I mean, it’s almost, I’m not going to say it’s an assembly line because every episode is a major challenge, but we’ve been able to kind of figure out how it works, and how to put it together and how the show functions. I’m glad we waited because I think that this story really benefits with hindsight, you know?

“To tell this story back when those shoot interviews were done, I think that they are done under a completely different — it is kind of looking at it like, ‘It’s a big party in the sky man, and it got crazy brother.’ And I think like now, it’s like, ‘Oh no, this is a f**king nightmare, and we’re trapped.’ And it’s bad, and it was a major moment in the WWE. I mean, you look at how it lines up with the changing of the tide of that company. That’s when they were going from WWF to WWE [and] when they were becoming publicly traded. It is a big sort of marker of ‘okay, we need to button up. Those old-school locker room antics cannot exist if this company is going to grow more.’ It’s an anxiety-inducing episode. You will be terrified.”

- Speaking of Dark Side of the Ring, Brian Pillman is covered in the season premiere. Brian Junior, AEW star, has promised to honor his father's legacy over the next 48 hours.

- In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Jeff Jarrett spoke about his relationship with Owen Hart and screaming Owen’s name when he won the Intercontinental Championship shortly after Owen Hart passed away.

One of the episodes is going to be about Owen because he, to this day, they just… They don’t make folks like Owen anymore. Authentic, real, sincere, a family man. Incredible integrity. But there are some parts of during that time that, you know, from the time of the accident and then, like you just said, going through that and facing The Godfather and the timing, not just me, the entire company, on some levels, was still reeling from that.”

“So, you know, that exact moment, so to speak, was a fuelled, highly emotional situation, of course. But, yeah, that’s, again, something that we’re going to dive into but winning the Intercontinental Title, like you said, it’s a prestigious belt and always has been but each championship I won… I’m going to say the obvious is what I’m getting around to. That was a special moment for me personally because of the Owen factor, so to speak.”

- In a new promo for an upcoming match, Simon Gotch reveals that because of a debt, he is currently not allowed to retire from the industry even though he was feeling like he was ready to do so last year.

- New Wave Pro Wrestling bold present right here right now on Saturday, May 22. Mike Bennett, Cole Radrick, Jordan Oliver, Don't Die Miles, Solomon Tupu, Jake Crist and Conan Lycan are all scheduled to appear, as well as a host of other names.

- Today, WWE stock closed down 2.77% add $54.34 per share

- The IIconics, fresh off their WWE releases, will be entering the podcast game.

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