The Miz Discusses Making The IC Title Relevant, Threatening To Quit If He Doesn't Headline WM 37

The Miz is has held the Intercontinental Title on eight separate occasions, racking up 592 days (as recognized by WWE) as champion.

Despite his success as champion, Rollins is one reign behind Chris Jericho for the most reigns as IC Champion and 25 days behind Pedro Morales for the most combined days as champion.

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Speaking to Comic Book, Miz discussed his role in elevating the Intercontinental Championship to where is is today and potentially breaking those record.

"I feel like a couple of years ago when I was holding on to the title, I did make it prestigious and relevant," he said. "I made it the title it is today and that is a title that is important, that the person holding it has value. Before, the champion kind of got thrown to the wayside. He was the person that would hold the title and lose every single match and not be important, not be an important integral part of every single pay-per-view. Then I got that title and I felt like not only was it an integral part of the show, of every pay-per-view, but it was the title to watch. It was more important than WWE [Championship], more important than the Universal [Championship], and I think the people that have held it afterwards were trying to emulate that and be that person to keep that Intercontinental title going. I think to this day, it's still is a very, very important part of WWE. We have one of the greatest in-ring technicians holding that title as we speak right now in AJ Styles and you want to see what AJ Styles is going to do every single week. That's exactly what that Intercontinental title does. Now a match between the Miz and AJ Styles I think is definitely something that I think the fans could definitely want to see and me with the title, I can definitely elevate it to where it needs to be. It would be nice to break the record."

Along with getting back in the Intercontinental Title picture, Miz is hoping to main event WrestleMania 37. If he doesn't headline the biggest event of the year, he will quit according to an Instagram post made in February.

When asked about his goal of headlining WrestleMania 37, Miz said, "I make goals for myself that are sometimes, almost you look at and go 'that's unattainable.' Every goal I've ever had, I've accomplished, and then some, so this is a goal I have. This is a goal that I've set out to do. It's a goal that I said, 'I'm going to main event WrestleMania 37. That's exactly where I need to be.' That's what I plan on doing. There is no other options for me. That's the option. That's the way I shift my mind and I focus. It's just the way I am. I make a goal for myself and I do everything in my power to achieve that goal. And I haven't had a goal that I haven't met."

Miz is currently teaming with John Morrison on SmackDown. The two have been feuding with Braun Strowman, which hasn't gone so well for them.

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