MJF: Bryan Danielson Is One Of The Best Pure Athletes Wrestling's Ever Seen. He's Still Mid.

MJF expands upon the meaning of "mid."

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is nothing if not egotistical. The braggadocious 25 year old whose catchphrase is “I’m better than you and you know it,” exudes every bit of the confidence his character shows on television even when speaking off-screen.

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Recently, Maxwell has taken to calling all that he considers subpar “mid.” While you would think that this only encompasses things that are genuinely subpar, Maxwell Jacob Friedman is now calling Bryan Danielson “mid” while also calling him one of the best pure athletes in wrestling history.

However, this is no mere oxymoronic statement made by an over-dramatic professional wrestler. Maxwell, of course, considers himself a master of the mic. Therefore, it was very easy for MJF to explain to Brandon Walker on Rasslin' how Bryan Danielson can be so great and yet still so mid.

Walker asked for a word association from Friedman regarding Danielson, and that is when Maxwell simply said, "Mid."

"People love to talk about Bryan Danielson like he's like this incredible professional wrestler and guess what? He is. He is one of the best pure athletes this sport has ever or will ever see. But if me and him were to ever step foot in a ring together, I think it would be very clear that he's not up to snuff with me and that's why I find it laughable that people put him up here on this pedestal and because I'm so good on the microphone. People always forget that I am incredible. Forget the age. I am incredible in the ring, period. Not ‘for my age,’ period," explained Max.

Danielson has yet to cross paths with Max. Currently, Danielson is trying to win an opportunity at the AEW Championship while Maxwell Jacob Friedman is preoccupied with Darby Allin.

Elsewhere in the interview, MJF explains why he believes Roman Reigns, somebody Danielson knows very well, is great despite losing in the head-to-head ratings on Friday, October 15. Learn more here.

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