Montez Ford Reveals He Chose The Frog Splash As His Finishing Move Because He's Afraid of Heights

Montez Ford talks WrestleMania.

Montez Ford has already successfully defended the Raw Tag Team Championship at a WrestleMania but that WrestleMania took place in an empty arena.

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Now, he will have the opportunity to win those titles alongside Angelo Dawkins in a packed AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

Speaking with Denise Salcedo, Montez Ford talked about sharing a proper WrestleMania moment with his tag team partner.

"What you see on camera is the same thing you see in real life. Off-camera, he was my best man at my wedding, so it's a real-life relationship. So just to go through this journey with him, have our moms there witnessing everything, they [can] be so proud of their boys, and everything {laughs} it's just a great, great, great journey to share with someone," said Ford.

Montez Ford also spoke about this being a full-circle moment for him as his earliest memory of WrestleMania was a triple threat tag team match. Although, unlike those matches, there will be no ladders involved this time around.

"So what's so crazy is my favorite WrestleMania moment was the actual first one my mom got us on pay-per-view, which was Wrestlemania 2000. I remember the classic TLC match from there, with all the tag teams, so it's crazy that now it's full circle that my first WrestleMania {with audience} is in a tag match with multiple tag teams. So just to see it come full circle like that, I think that's wild. I would say that is my first actual imprinted like Wrestlemania moment and for me to now be part of a moment that I cherished as a kid is mind-blowing," he said.

Montez Ford, who does a tremendous Frog Splash as his finishing move, also revealed that he's afraid of heights. However, Ford uses this as his Batman moment.

“That's why I chose it as my finishing move. Paying homage to all the greats that did it before me, Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam but yes every single time {he's afraid}. I treat it the way Batman treats bats like Batman is afraid of bats so he wears a batsuit to spark his fear into everyone else. So I chose the frog splash because I am afraid of heights, so I use that fear onto everyone else. So that's a little secret there I don't think I've ever said that before."

You can check out the full card for WrestleMania here.

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