More Of Fabulous Moolah's Trainees Deny Accusations

Two of Fabulous Moolah's trainees have said they saw no prostitution.

Last week, WWE named the Women's Wrestlemania Battle Royal after Fabulous Moolah but there was immediate backlash from fans who knew about accusations of human trafficking and drugging of some of her trainees. By the end of the week, WWE changed the name.

On Madusa's Full Throttle Podcast, the host interviewed Leilani Kai who said she worked under Moolah for twenty years and traveled with Moolah as part of a tag team. Kai said the accusations do not match her experience.

"In the long run, these things are down right lies that I've heard so far. Some of them were really bad lies. She had never once drugged any of us, I've heard that. She never pimped any of us out that I know of, I've never experienced anything like that. She was the champion, she was the booker, and she was a great legend. She deserves to be honored for eternity," said Kai.

There were "personal" problems Kai referenced but she revealed those to be financially based and her and the host of the podcast both agreed those were common with promoters.

A video uploaded to Nigel Sherrod's YouTube channel featured an interview with Peggy Lee Leather who also trained under Moolah for six years. Leather called the accusations against Moolah "hog wash."

"No, She was not a pimp, she was my booker. She booked me for a certain percentage. All this about her being a pimp makes me almost sick inside because that''s saying I was pimped out by the Fabulous Moolah. She was nothing more than a business woman, a very shrewd one. As far as this pimping that's a big bunch of bullshit," said Leather. "I worked with her for like I said '80 to '85-'86 and not one time was I approached and not one time did any of the girls that came there say anything about being pimped out by the Fabulous Moolah," she later added.

In the rest of the interview, Leather was upset with Snickers for reportedly pressuring WWE to change the name and she feels as if Moolah is an icon who has been disrespected.

The full interviews can be heard on Madusa's SoundCloud, and Nigel Sherrod's YouTube channel.

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