The New Day Recall Michael Hayes Saying The OC Needed To Be More Aggressive During Testicle Feud

In 2016, The New Day feuded with Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson over Big E's testicles. 

Gallows & Anderson smashed Big E's balls into the ring post, leading to Big E being sidelined because it's tough to maneuver when you're missing your testicles. 

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"At one point, after a match, they damaged my 'deals.' It was called 'ring post-itis,'" said Big E on New Day: Feel The Power

Kofi chimed in, saying, "God, this is dumb, man," leading to laughter and agreement from Big E and Xavier Woods.

Big E went on to recap the feud before dropping a backstage note on how a certain WWE producer felt about the performances of Gallows & Anderson. "I remember Michaels Hayes coming up to us and saying, 'You know, those guys aren't as aggressive as we want them to be.' Just the way he painted it, like 'oh, they're not coming off as the badasses we want them to be.' Like, you guys gave them this bizarre 'ring post-itis' angle where they also had a backstage (segment) with Dana Brook, who was the nurse, and they had doctor jackets and the jar of testicles, which were eggs," said Big E.

Big E also noted that WWE flew him to Australia for a tour, where all he did was come out and distract Gallows & Anderson by doing the New Day intro in the middle of a tag team bout. 

The feud culminated at SummerSlam 2016 in a tag team bout that ended in a disqualification. Gallows & Anderson laid out Kofi & Xavier, who Big E didn't care about. But when they went after honorary New Day member Jon Stewart, Big E made his return.

"I come down at the end. Hit some belly to bellys, big fire up moment. What better fire up moment than to loosen the top of this jar, that evidently holds my testicles, and drink this water that my testicles have been sitting in. I thought it was just colored water. It was actually salty...disgusting," said Big E.

Kofi stated, "It was a disgusting concoction that should not have been consumed by any man. It wasn't just a sip. It was a big gulp. Just disgusting."

Big E noted that the water was "briny and salty" and wondered why they didn't use regular water. 

Kofi joked, "You didn't even take your nuts back. You took the water that was preserving them and you left them in the bottle."

To which Xavier added, "Now they're dead."

Fortunately, Big E got prosthetic testicles and they are hitched to him just fine. He and Kofi Kingston are currently the SmackDown Tag Team Champions while Woods remains sidelined with an Achilles injury. 

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