New Day Want To Do Flesh-Colored Gear, Wear A Trench Coat, And Flash People

How far is too far when it comes to wrestling gear?

New Day always stand out with their color and unique gear. But they have an idea to get rid of the pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, and greens and keep it to just one color as they make their way to the ring. 

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"We've joked about this for years, but we haven't had the balls to pull this off. For years, we have joked about doing flesh-colored gear. Not with designs or anything, but flesh-colored gear that you couldn't even tell 'are they naked?' for our entrance and with a trench coat and just flashing people," said Big E on the New Day: Feel The Power podcast.

"As soon as He Who Shall Not Be Named [Vince McMahon] sees it, he would tell us, 'Go in the back and change,' I'm sure. But it popped us. We've legit talked about it for years. And we need to do it one time to entertain ourselves."

Kofi Kingston added that maybe they'll do the idea when their end is near, joking that they'd do it and be fired. Xavier Woods said once they run the tape back and see that it's just gear, they would be fine. 

The trio were joined on the podcast by Jonathan Davenport, who currently designs their gear. Upon hearing the idea, he began to brainstorm, believing they could work in a leaf, blur or censor bar to cover the naughty areas. 

Kingston and Woods note that this is their typical process when it comes to putting ideas together.

"This is legitimately how we come up with what we do on television. Someone says something that we think is dumb, but we say, 'this is a bad idea but I have to get it out of my head.' That gives us clearance to get laughed at for this dumb idea that we actually really want to do. But then, we start thinking as we're laughing about it and go, 'well, that could work.' Then, we talk about it for a few days, send it to Jonathan and go, 'What about this?' He goes, 'Yeah, that checks out.' And then, a month later, we wear it on TV," he said. 

So, don't be surprised if New Day begin flashing people at home with their flesh-colored gear in a month or two. 

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