New NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Crowned On 10/28 WWE NXT UK

Noam Dar will live forever.

The reign of Tyler Bate has come to an end as the third NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion has been crowned.

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Following several rounds and appearances from Trent Seven, Sha Samuels, and Pretty Deadly, Noam Dar was able to defeat the inaugural NXT UK Champion to capture the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Match

Tyler Bate (c) vs Noam Dar

Round 1

Round one starts off with the two grappling on the mat before they lock up and exchange wrist locks before Tyler locks in a cravat and takes Noam down before he gets to his feet and takes Tyler down with a side headlock take over.

Round 2

Tyler takes Noam down before Noam backs to the ropes and Tyler and Noam exchange headlocks and wrist locks before Tyler hits a brief airplane spin and they clothesline each other.

Round 3

Noam immediately gets out of the ring and back in and hits the Nova Roller for the pin, and the first fall to end the round.

Noam Dar goes up 1-0.

Round 4

Tyler comes out aggressive with a suplex into a running shooting star press for two before hitting a rebound clothesline and Noam counters the Tyler Driver '97. Tyler then hits his finisher on the second attempt for the pin and the second fall.

Tyler Bate evens the falls at 1-1 a piece.

Round 5

Noam rips Tyler off of the top and hits a sliding uppercut for two before taking Tyler down with kicks and Tyler rocks him with a spinning back fist before Sha distracts Tyler and the referee. Noam drops Tyler from behind for two before Tyler locks in a knee bar and the two exchange strikes as the round ends.

Round 6

The two run at each other as soon as the bell rings before they exchange strikes until Noam drops Tyler and Tyler meets Noam up top before hitting a suplex and Noam rolls out of the ring. Tyler hits a suicide dive and tosses Noam back inside before he rolls out of the opposite side of the ring before Tyler takes out Noam and Sha. Tyler tosses Noam back inside a second time before Noam counters the Tyler Driver '97 and a rebound lariat into a knee bar before Tyler suplexes him. Pretty Deadly then come out to ringside and distract Tyler before getting into a fight with Trent and Trent accidentally throws the towel into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Noam Dar defeats Tyler Bate via forfeit to become the new Heritage Cup champion.

This is the first championship in WWE for Noam Dar. Dar used to be a regular on WWE 205 Live and was a part of the original Cruiserweight Classic

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