New X-Division Champion Crowned At IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution 2020

It appears that TJP has found a way to get his hands on the X-Division Championship after all.

Rohit Raju has finally been defeated for the X-Division Championship. Following a ruling that TJP could no longer challenge Rohit Raju for the coveted championship, TJP revisited a chapter from his past and donned the Manik mask in order to defeat Rohit and re-captured the championship at Final Resolution.

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X-Division Championship Match

Rohit Raju (c) vs Manik

Manik hits Rohit with a diving cross body before hitting a back drop and sending Rohit through the ropes before hitting a corkscrew cross body. Back in the ring Rohit hits a back elbow into a PK before Manik locks in submission and hits a running back elbow in the corner. Manik locks in an octopus stretch that he turns into a back slide for two before Rohit sends him out of the ring and Manik disappears underneath the ring. Manik slides back in and hits a neckbreaker for two before Rohit gets caught on the top rope and pulls the referee in the way. Rohit hits a draping sit-out face buster for two before hitting an elbow drop for two and dropping Manik with strikes. Rohit hits a back suplex for two before hitting a side Russian leg sweep for two before Manik gets two off of a back slide. Manik counters a fireman's carry into a Detonation Kick before hitting a springboard implant DDT for a near fall. Manik rolls through when he misses a Swanton Bomb before Rohit hits a flurry of running moves in the corner and a diving stomp for a near fall before hitting a jumping flat liner. Rohit counters an octopus stretch before getting to the ropes for the break and they exchange strikes until Rohit counters a standing switch. Rohit then backs Manik into the referee before sending a kick by Manik into the referee who catches it before Manik rolls Rohit up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Manik defeats Rohit Raju via pinfall to become the new X-Division champion.

This is the second time that that particular character has won the championship, his first rain came in July of 2013 when he defeated Trent and Sonjay Dutt in an Ultimate X Match for the championship. As for TJP, this is also only his second reign as X-Division Champion.

On social media, Rohit Raju is already calling BS on the decision.

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