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Here is your fight size update for Monday, August 9, 2021:

- In an update on when WWE plans to move to a new headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, the Stamford Advocate noted that in a response to an inquiry from Hearst Connecticut Media, a WWE representative stated that the company plans to begin its move to their new headquarters in the fourth quarter of 2022. This move had been discussed before the global pandemic.

PAC, Rey Fenix, And Penta El Zero Miedo To Compete At 7/26 CMLL Event

- Kurt Angle is getting minted with the first-ever interactive NFT from LuchaCoin:

Wrestling Legend, Kurt Angle, Gets Minted

Leading NFT creator, LuchaCoin continues to innovate with exciting partnerships

PORT MOODY, BC, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- LuchaCoin continues to lead the NFT game with their latest partnership. Founded by Stevan Cvjetkovich and Angus Wakefield, LuchaCoin launched the first Lucha NFTs in April of this year. Their success quickly allowed them to grow into wrestling NFTs and saw them partnering with names like El Phantasmo, Angelina Love, Funny Bone, Allysin Kay, Gail Kim and Calamity Kate. Partnering with a legend like Kurt Angle was an obvious next step for a company that has been going from strength to strength since its launch.

Not one to stick to the expected, LuchaCoin reached out to Kurt Angle (WWE and TNA Hall of Famer, actor and Olympic gold medalist) to create the first NFT that truly engages with fans. The minted NFT gives fans and owners a social media shout-out from Angle, a personal video message and finally a Zoom meet-n-greet for each NFT.

This idea of creating an experience around their art was of huge importance to Cvjetkovich, Wakefield and Angle. "Wrestling fans are some of the best fans in the world. You go to or watch any wrestling show and you can see, hear and feel that these people live, breath and die wrestling. We wanted to create something that showed how important the fans are to us and to our company. So, it was only natural that we created an NFT of the legend Kurt Angle that fans can get a lot out of," says Cvjetkovich, co-founder of LuchaCoin.

However, not only is this an NFT of an icon in wrestling, the Kurt Angle NFT is as legendary as its namesake. Angle's NFT is fully interactive, meaning that owners can "play" with the Kurt Angle action figure NFT. This is a first for NFTs and has never been done before. However, for followers of LuchaCoin, this will come as no surprise as they have continued to pioneer change and innovation across the NFT landscape. In another huge step for NFTs, LuchaCoin has also partnered with TreeCanada to offset their carbon footprint, 1,000 times over, something which was also of great importance to Kurt Angle.

The Kurt Angle NFT launches for sale today, August 9, with an exclusive amount being minted

- In other NFT news Crymev Tyme will also be immortalized by way of NFTs:

- Lana, CJ Perry, will be a “featured guest” at the Legends of the Ring on October 2.

- Joining recent discourse regarding how often celebrities bathe or bathe their children, The Rock stated that he likes to bathe three times a day. Each time a different temperature of water is utilized and there's a different reason for that temperature.

- The Rock also is featured in the opening, mid-games, and closing ceremonies for this year's Paralympics:

- Speaking with Bleacher Report, Nikki A.S.H. spoke about how important it is for her to connect with the WWE Universe.

"One of the most important things is connecting with fans, and I love exploring that connection, and I'm excited to be in front of live fans again at live events leading up to SummerSlam," she said. "There's been so much positivity and joy. I've seen the fan art, which I pretty much share on a daily basis on my Twitter and on my Instagram, and all the outpouring of messages from everyone. I'm inspired by it. I'm empowered by that.

"I'm just so excited. And the connection is the most important thing, and I'm looking forward to exploring that and for people to see this character and become invested in it. That's what I'm focusing on and thinking about."

- Chris Jericho made his WWE debut on Monday Night Raw 22 years ago today, Jericho responded to the anniversary via Twitter with a brief acknowledgment.

- Here's this week's WWE Network/Peacock release schedule:

Monday, August 9
Raw Talk** – 11:05 p.m. ET

Wednesday, August 11
Monday Night Raw (7/12/21)**
WWE’s The Bump: AJ Styles & Omos** – 10 a.m. ET
WWE NXT (8/10/21)

Thursday, August 12
This Week in WWE

Friday, August 13
205 Live – 10 p.m. ET

Saturday, August 14
WWE Main Event (7/22/21)
Talking Smack**
ICW Fight Club 184
PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 117

Sunday, August 15
Friday Night SmackDown (7/16/21)**
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions: Bobby Lashley

- In an interview with Sportskeeda, Jinder Mahal spoke glowingly about Roman Reigns new character direction:

“I think it’s awesome,” Mahal said. “It’s a scary thought to see how confident he is in his abilities at this point. I think Roman has grown into a complete WWE Superstar. He’s confident on the microphone, he’s confident in the ring, his physique is different. Almost everything about him is different. His walk is different.”

- Dutch Mantell, via Sportskeeda, recently paid tribute to Bobby Eaton:

"A good friend of mine, Bobby Eaton, passed away." Mantell said, "His ex-wife had passed away five weeks ago. She was taking care of Bobby and my first thought was who's gonna take care of Bobby and then I wake up, I don't know what day it was. Tuesday, Wednesday? And [I] read the news that Bobby Eaton was found dead in his sleep and I've known him for over 40 years. The nicest guy ever. Everybody says that about him. I've never met anybody that has said anything bad about Bobby Eaton . . . I'm gonna miss him. I lost a good friend and wrestling lost a good talent."

- Did you know it was National Billiards Day?

- MLW has released new t-shirts for Aramis, EJ Nduka, Hammerstone, The Von Erichs and 5150 Street Foreva, the latest iteration of LAX lead by Konnan which features Danny Limelight, Julius Smokes, and Slice Boogie.

- Ric Flair's merchandise is back on ProWrestlingTees. Ric Flair was released by WWE on August 3.

- Check out Edge’s greatest SummerSlam moments:

- In an interview with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, Dak Draper spoke about Quinn McKay in the Ring of Honor Women's Championship tournament and their recent engagement:

"So with our women's tournament, it is because of our COVID procedures and stuff, I haven't been able to see like a lot of how it's done backstage or anything, just because still with the Athletic Commission and stuff, we're keeping things pretty separate. But we've seen a lot of new faces. And what I can tell from it is we've seen all these new faces, it's like vastly different personalities. Like it seems like you're knocking on in the first match, and then have someone similar in the second match, everyone seems very different from each other. And when it comes to Quinn, I hope these other girls are putting in their work too, because she is meticulous. Like she's on the same schedule that I'm on. And it is like everything, everything that we do is about getting better at wrestling, it feels like except for taking care of our dog, it's like what we do is like targeted for getting better at wrestling. So even though she has a she even though she lacks an experience, she is going to bring such athleticism and such strength and what she actually experienced too. I feel like she makes up for like where she is, she's got wrestling on all day, she goes to training all the time. And she's really trying to close that gap. And she's really trying to make her weaknesses her strengths. And she's one of the most driven people I know. And I would not want to get in her way. And then also she's very lucky to be engaged to Dak Draper.

In all seriousness, with a women's tournament, though, it's great, it's really great to see, it's awesome to see that just the emphasis being placed on the division and really being built up. Because if you're in a small division also, I feel like with our women's division, the biggest problem with it before was that it was small, there were so few competitors. And that gets boring to be in a division where it's just like only if you're kind of wrestling the same people all the time, and if you are wrestling someone new they're only there for like one show. And I think it's really exciting to see that they're starting to get some of the same continuity that like the men's division has gotten for what 19 years. And so I'm really excited for them and then to watch her to watch her wrestle is so funny because I cannot watch it is anything other than like, as I can't watch it as like, you know, a trained wrestler, as someone who knows, because I'm always so excited watching it because it's like little mannerisms or like things I see all the time. So like she does this all the time. Like she'll do this at the store if he's happy about it. It makes me laugh so much. And I feel like if I watched one of her matches back next to her, she probably thinks I'm laughing at her but it's like, I'm just having such I'm watching. And it's really cool.

I think a lot of that is because I've seen the journey that she's gone through and how when we first met she was training to be a wrestler, what she wanted or she didn't want to do. She didn't want to do interviews. She didn’t want to be in the broadcasting side of it. She got the opportunity to do the broadcasting before she was ready as a wrestler, and she was so good at it, that it kind of like, it kind of pulled the opportunity to wrestle soon away. And I'm so happy for her because I think she was worried that that was just never gonna happen. And that's something that she's wanted to do since she was a little girl. And I can see as she gets to wrestle more, and just as she's, as there's more attention placed on the women's division, and just, you can see that there's a, there are more opportunities there. I can see how she's relaxed more with knowing that she's going to have opportunities to wrestle, that she's not going to be holding the microphone forever, even though she's so good at holding... Oh my god. ridiculously good. So she'll surprise people with how quickly she progresses in wrestling."

- On the latest edition of the Wrestling Winedown podcast, Nick Harrison details how he has amassed almost 700,000 followers on Tik Tok by re-enacting iconic wrestling entrances:

- Today, WWE stock closed at $49.76 per share.

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