Nick Khan: Tony Khan Seems Like A Nice Kid, His Dad Is Very Impressive

Nick Khan comments on competition from AEW.

Since 2019, All Elite Wrestling has emerged as a strong number two company in the United States wrestling behind WWE. AEW has become a competitor to WWE, though WWE executives have often commented that they are in competition with everyone and everything, including sleep.

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With reports of Vince McMahon looking to sell WWE, it was reported that Tony & Shad Khan were "in the pool of" potential suitors.

Appearing on The Bill Simmons Show, WWE CEO Nick Khan was asked about AEW.

"How do you think they're doing now?" Khan asked when he was asked about AEW being competition to WWE.

Khan continued, commenting on AEW's place in the landscape by saying, "A couple of things, I've never met the kid, Tony Khan, seems like a nice kid to me. I don't know him. I have met his dad [Shad Khan], who I randomly sat next to at some sports business luncheon that Stephanie (McMahon) and I went to a year and a half or so ago. I thought the dad was as impressive as can be. There was a piece on him in the New York Times, self-made billionaire, I believe Pakistani immigrant, could not be more impressed by him. I'm not as big of a NFL fan, but I like the pivots he made, made a mistake in hiring a certain coach, get out of that mistake, figure it out again. Could not be more impressed with that. He made his money in the auto parts business, so he knows that inside and out. I don't believe he's involved on the wrestling side of the business, outside of financing it. He has the pockets. I'm sure his kid appreciates it, but I was never threatened by that. I don't feel threatened by anyone on anything. It's just not how I do business. I don't care what anyone else is doing. I care what we're doing. As long as we can have the best product with the best talent and the best writers, I think we're going to be in good shape."

He continued, "Anyone can run a business at a loss, that's easy, as long as someone continues to finance it."

When asked if he thought AEW was operating at a loss, Khan clarified that he doesn't know AEW's books.

"I know our books, which are public, highest grossing revenue in 2022. Highest profitability in 2022. Other big factors on why Vince (McMahon) wants to explore a potential alternative," he said.

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