Nikki A.S.H Says Wrestling Characters Should Evolve, Feels Fulfilled In Her New Role

Nikki A.S.H continues to grow.

In recent weeks, Nikki Cross has transitioned from a wild character to the beacon of hope that is Nikki A.S.H. Ahead of WWE Money in the Bank, Nikki Cross is reflecting on her evolution and why, even though original Nikki Cross was great, this is the right move five years later.

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Speaking with Denise Salcedo, Nikki A.S.H discussed the importance of evolving as a character and the fulfillment she feels.

Nikki in NXT, the fact that people still talk about that and it’s 5 years old, I think it's a wonderful thing. We created something they connected so much with, it was awesome. I think in the last 5 years we’ve seen that there’s been a long evolution of Nikki Cross….So for me, I think there's been this amazing, amazing journey to get from this to this…. I think this all just came together into this awesome steak pie. (laughs). But for the fact that we created something so beautiful that people love and still want it back 5 years later, I am like ‘we’ve done something right.' (laughs) If you’ve seen all my journeys and you’ve seen all the character transformations/character developments and if you've followed them for years on social media and followed the stuff we’ve done with and the digital side and if you followed all that, it makes this an organic journey to then being this Nikki A.S.H. You've seen the journey that I’ve had, you've seen what I've been through and I am still here with a big smile on my face putting this positive message out because Nikki Cross the character has been through a lot. What we wanted to do was show that, show that journey. I've got so much pride and I am so satisfied and so fulfilled with what we're showing and I love that people are talking about it.

"People evolve and I think wrestling characters should too. For me, like I said, the heart of this character is for a young audience to feel inspired and be good and be kind to each other as a superpower. It may not be super strength, it may not be the coolest superpower like super strength or super speed or x-ray supervision or laser eyes. But I think there is something very important in being good to one another and being positive as a superpower and that's the message, that's the heart of what we’re trying to do. "

Nikki A.SH's husband, the former Killian Dain recently explained all of the effort that went into creating this character. Learn more here.

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