Nikki Bella Has Second-Worst Odds To Win 'Dancing With The Stars'

Nikki Bella is currently training for the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars (see the above video), but she's not the favorite to win.

Not by a long shot.

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In fact, the only contestant that has worse odds than Nikki is someone named Barbara Corcoran.

Now, if you told me that Barbara Corcoran was the assistant principal of the local middle school, I would say you were right, but after some quick googling, this is Barbara Corcoran:

She's on Shark Tank, I guess. I don't watch it.

But apparently, the oddsmakers say she is a TERRIBLE dancer, because she has odds of 25-1 to win the competition, which is twice as bad as her nearest competitor--who may I remind you is Nikki Bella.

Nikki is tied with someone named Drew Scott at 12-1.

Now, if you told me that Drew Scott was the top salesman at the second best mattress store in town, I would say you were right, but after some quick googling, this is Drew Scott:

Well, he's one of those guys, not sure which, don't care.
He's one half of "The Property Brothers." (I don't watch.)

So Nikki Bella, trained athlete, is tied with some real estate dude at 12-1 odds.

Then comes former champion Los Angeles Lakers basketball player and former terrible New York Knicks basketball coach Derek Fisher, as well as former too-many-teams-to-list-here football player Terrell Owens, tied with Victoria Arlen at 10-1.

I didn't know who Victoria Arlen was, either, but apparently, she used to be paralyzed and won all kinds of medals as a paralympic swimmer and now she can walk again and that's awesome and kind of amazing and I won't be making any jokes about that.

Tied at 9-1 is Frankie Muniz, the guy who used to play Malcolm in the Middle, some pop singer named Jordan Fisher, and Vanessa Lachey, a former beauty queen who is married to Nick Lachey, who used to be a pop singer and who now is the favorite to win Dancing With The Stars. But we'll get to him.

Tied at 8-1 is someone named Lindsey Stirling, someone named Sasha Pieterse (a performance artist violinist, and one of the pretty little liars on Pretty Little Liars, respectively) and Debbie freaking Gibson, who is so old that I remember her being a big pop music sensation when I was in middle school and I was in middle school twenty-six years ago.

And leading the pack at 4-1 is the aforementioned Nick Lachey.

All of these people, besides the Shark Tank Lady, have better odds to win Dancing with the Stars than Nikki Bella. Did the oddsmakers hear that she once had neck surgery and think she's a quadriplegic or something?

Regardless, at 12 to 1, wouldn't be a bad idea to go over to Bovada and plunk down 10 bucks on Nikki to win. You know Vince is gonna grease a few palms to get her into the Top 4. Hell, he might send someone over to the studios to put Nick Lachey through a table or something. Braun Strowman would probably do it for a Chipotle gift card.

Here are the odds, according to Bovada:

Dancing With the Stars Season 25 - Odds to Win

Nick Lachey 4/1

Debbie Gibson 8/1

Sasha Pieterse 8/1

Lindsey Stirling 8/1

Frankie Muniz 9/1

Jordan Fisher 9/1

Vanessa Lachey 9/1

Victoria Arlen 10/1

Derek Fisher 10/1

Terrell Owens 10/1

Nikki Bella 12/1

Drew Scott 12/1

Barbara Corcoran 25/1

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