Nikki Bella Has A Wedding Date But No Date Set For Her Return To The Ring

During the panel at San Diego ComicCon for the release of the Mattel WWE fashion doll line called simply "WWE Superstars," Nikki Bella spoke about her upcoming wedding to John Cena and her (hopefully) upcoming return to the ring.

Cena famously popped the question in the ring at Wrestlemania 33 this past April and since then, Nikki has been resting up and letting her neck heal. Many fans have been wondering when the longtime couple will finally tie the knot. It seems only fitting to have the wedding at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.

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Now, according to Nikki, they've set a date, but whatever it is, she's not telling.

"We actually finally set a date but I’m not gonna say." The crowd didn't like her keeping that a secret, and let her know it. "'Boo,' I know. Such a heel. Always in my heart."

As for her neck injury and a possible return to the ring, Nikki says she's game, but she still needs to heal, and she's not sure how long that will take.

"I’m just kind of doing the reality thing and waiting for my neck to heal. Because I see two girls on my right (Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch), and two girls on my left (Sasha Banks and Bayley) and I see my tag partner right here (Brie Bella) and I’m like, well shoot, I want to get back, so... I’m just kind of hoping my neck heals and I hope it heals quick.

We found out it’s not fully fused and I kind of have a herniation above where I had surgery but I think with time could heal hopefully, so I’m trying to do whatever I can."

So it looks as though the rumors of a Nikki Bella return in time for SummerSlam may not be accurate.

However, as for Nikki's twin sister Brie, who has been out nursing not an injury, but instead nursing a beautiful baby girl, she's got plans of her own to return to the inside of a ring--her husband Daniel Bryan has promised to build her a ring at their home and help her with her training, with an aim to return to WWE competition sometime next year.

"We’re gonna start the training, I’m hoping 2018 I can be back in the ring," said Brie.

You can watch the Bellas comments in the above video starting around the 17-minute mark.

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