Nikki Cross On Her Most Embarrassing WWE Moment And What It Taught Her About The Dangers Of Twitter

Nikki Cross details her most embarrassing moment in a WWE ring.

Currently, Nikki Cross is in the middle of a career resurgence and has recently picked up victories over Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. However, many would say that her most prosperous time in WWE was when she was in NXT as a member of SAnitY.

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Nikki also says that it was during her time as a member of the chaotic faction where she suffered her most embarrassing moment in a wrestling ring not related to wardrobe malfunctions.

Speaking with Taylor Wilde on her Wilde On podcast, Cross tells a story of having to re-shoot a segment where she dropkicks No Way Jose in the back several times during a TakeOver filming in Toronto and what she learned from the experience.

“It was a TakeOver in Toronto. It wasn't live though it was the section that they record before it goes live and it gets aired on NXT a few days later. I was part of SAnitY, hit No Way Jose with a dropkick to the back. This is my big moment. SAnitY is a fresh, hot new act. That was my big shining moment coming off the top rope and I missed. I effing missed, Nikki recalled.” “It was a bad idea. Because honestly, No Way Jose, love No Way Jose, his back was turned. I learned from that night that it's really hard to take. I would want to see a coming and I felt so bad for Jose because I would never want to be dropkicked in the back and I misjudged it and I missed him.

“Then because it was pre-recorded. They were like, ‘Okay, go up and do it a second time.’ The second time my teammates held towards it, because they thought it would help me. It was an awesome dropkick, but when you pre-record something like that, you need to go into it the same way. So the first time they did that they weren't holding Jose. So then I had to do it a third time. By this point, the crowd is just crickets. They're like, ‘What? What is going on? There's something very weird.’ Because I was playing that character that was a little bit wild, you know, a little bit, right, unpredictable. So they are like, ‘Is that part of her character? She’s just dropkicking from the same rope three times?!’ So the third time that I just felt horrible as the biggest crowd that ever performed in front of in [and] my heart just was in pieces, my heart sank. I was so sad. But then you just pick yourself up and you get over it. It happens."

Ultimately, Nikki Cross says that the moment made her stronger but it also taught her about the dangers of social media

“Much stronger. Now I know, never dropkick someone in the back because they can't see it and can't judge it right. So I learned a good lesson. Then they aired on TV and no one knew. They made it very seamless. So it taught me that those three or five voices on Twitter when you're not in the right headspace, those five voices can feel like 500. It taught me an important lesson about social media and just being very aware of social media, it's a fantastic way to connect with people. But be really careful. Because if you're not in the right headspace, and like you're not mentally feeling good. There's nothing wrong with taking some time off social media Because those five voices can feel like 500.”

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